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  • Finding a Support Network

    Finding your people is an important part of your Coug experience. Having a support network you can count on is not only important to your success and well-being – it also makes your time at WSU more fulfilling. 

    Students find their Cougar family in a number of ways: in their residence hall, classes, sports, clubs, and jobs, to name a few. But WSU is a big campus, and it’s very normal to have a hard time making connections and finding support. 

    If you need help building your network, check out the resources below. 

  • Getting Involved On Campus

    Getting involved in campus events and activities is a great way to expand your horizons, meet new people, help your community, and just have fun. 

    WSU has hundreds of registered student organizations (RSOs) that cover a range of interests, from eSports to music to community service, so no matter what you’re into, there’s an org for you. Check out the Student Engagement page and Coug Presence for more information. 

    We also have centers for students from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups where you can participate in culturally and personally relevant programming and services. 

  • Paying for School

    Paying for college can be a source of stress for many students. If you have questions about tuition, financial aid, jobs, emergency funding, or any other financial topic, Student Financial Services can help. 

    SFS also has resources to help you get educated about your finances so you can feel confident about your financial choices. 


  • Living On and Off Campus

    Pullman Cougs have a variety of housing options, both on and off campus: residence halls, on-campus apartments, off-campus homes and apartments, and Greek houses. There are benefits to each type of housing, so where you choose to live is really based on your personal preferences.  

    Most first-year students are required to live in University-approved housing for one academic year (that typically means a residence hall). After your first year at WSU, you can choose to continue living in the residence halls or you can mix things up!  

    On Campus 

    WSU has two housing on-campus housing options: residence halls and apartments. 

    Residence halls are home to the majority of our first-year students, but all students are welcome to live in most of the halls. With 15 halls across campus, there’s sure to be one that suits your lifestyle. You can find more information about each hall on the Housing website 

    WSU’s on-campus apartments are open to undergraduate students who have fulfilled their first-year live-in requirement, grad students, and students with families. These units typically have two or three bedrooms, and some are furnished.  

    Off Campus 

    If you’d prefer to live off campus, you’ll have an abundance of options. There are apartments and homes to rent throughout Pullman, and the Cougar Choice website can help you find housing, roommates, and subleases.  

    You can find more information on housing options on the Housing and Residence Life website. 

  • Maintaining My Health

    College can be challenging. Student Affairs has a variety of programs and services to ensure you’re at your best so you can do your best. 

    We believe health encompasses many things: physical and mental well-being, opportunities for exercise and movement, access to nutritious food, connectedness and community, time to engage with nature, and spaces and opportunities to rest. Check out the resources below to find more information on maintaining your health on campus.  

    • Cougar Health Services provides medical and counseling services as well as a vision clinic and pharmacy. 
    • University Recreation has fitness spaces and classes, personal training, intramurals, and sport clubs.