About Banners

  • Banners are hung on the pedestrian bridge near Lighty Student Services. 
  • Student Affairs Marketing will approve and post your banner
  • Banners can be printed on campus at University Communications or Cougs Print Plus

Banner Policies

  • General Policies
    • Banners must promote university events, events sponsored by student government, or events sponsored by a Registered Student Organization, according to WAC 504-24-140 and WSU BPPM.
    • Only one banner will be accepted per event.
    • Banners are put up on a first come, first served basis.
    • Banner location can be requested but is not guaranteed.
  • Materials
    • Made of heavy vinyl with wind vents or mesh
    • Within the height of the bridge to ensure secure tying, no higher than 37 inches
    • Grommets along the top, bottom, and sides of the banner


  • Timelines
    • Banners will be placed for a maximum of two weeks.
    • Banners should be provided at least a week prior to the desired posting date.
    • When a banner expires, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications staff will email the designated contact to pick up the banner.
    • Banners will only be held for two weeks after expiration. Banners not collected after two weeks are disposed of.


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