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Division of Student Affairs

Multicultural Student Services hosts DACA/Undocumented Myth-busting Workshops

Department: Office of Multicultural Student Services

Washington State University has collaborated with University of Washington and Everett Community College to launch a digital campaign in campus student union and administration buildings to bring awareness to undocumented and DACA students as well as the greater campus community about myths about immigration.

In conjunction to the myth-busting campaign, the Office of Multicultural Student Services will host a number of workshops centered on providing information those who are undocumented or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) status and attending or planning to attend college in Washington State.

“Our main objective is to create, develop, and share solutions on how we can support undocumented communities in Washington State,” said Marcela Pattinson, Assistant Director of Community Relations for the Office of Multicultural Student Services. “Many students fear they cannot attend college due to their undocumented status; however, this is a myth along with many others that discourage students desiring higher education.”

The myth-busting language was originally developed by Everett Community College’s Office of Diversity and Equity with the aim of providing support for undocumented students and give them the information they can use in the future.

Each week, workshops will bust a myth and offer resources on what to do in each scenario. All students and staff, regardless of the status, are encouraged to attend and learn more.   

The workshops are as follows:

Wednesday, Jan. 10 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208 - Myth Buster: You are eligible to pay in-state tuition and request state financial aid.  

Wednesday, Jan. 17 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208- Myth Buster: You can attend college in Washington State with our without DACA status.

Wednesday, Jan. 24 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208 - Myth Buster: Your DACA is valid until its expiration date.

Wednesday, Jan. 31 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208 - Myth Buster: Your DACA/Undocumented status can and should remain private.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208 - Myth Buster: You will remain eligible to receive Work Study.

Wednesday, Feb. 14 from 12-1 PM in CUB 208 - Myth Buster: You are eligible to receive the College Bound Scholarship.

For more information, please contact Marcela Pattinson at 509-335-5965 or