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Division of Student Affairs

Cougs Cancel COVID Banner

Cougs Cancel COVID is a student-driven effort to promote practices which keep our community healthy: wearing masks, leaving 6 feet of physical distance, washing hands, knowing the symptoms and staying home when sick.

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted much of our daily life and it can be easy to slip into old habits. These fun and frequent reminders show that when each Coug takes it upon themselves to follow health guidelines, as a community Cougs Cancel COVID. 

Spread Health, Not Germs

Based on student feedback, we're developing graphics and information that anyone is welcome to share. Help us show the world how Cougs are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID.

We are updating assets frequently so please check back often, using the links below. 

If you have feedback or additional topics you would like to see addressed, let us know at

Cougs Cancel COVID Wins!

  • Developed text-based program to support students in isolation/quarantine.
  • Partnered with Pullman businesses and campus resources to provide Quarantine Care Kits. 
  • 955 students have taken advantage of the Text Stress mental health support program during Fall of 2020.
  • Providing Coping with COVID workshops to support mental health. Sign up for a scheduled workshop or request a workshop here!
  • Established a training in myWSU, required for students to participate in on-campus activities

#CougsCancelCOVID thoughts worth sharing

About when to get tested for COVID-19. 

  • Getting tested is something you can easily do to help cancel COVID in our community, and our students have been amazing, with thousands of students tested over the last several weeks.  Free viral testing continues for all WSU students in Pullman. Updated testing site info is always available on the Cougar Health Services website. 
  • First: 
    • If you’ve tested positive for COVID, medical guidance suggests you generally don’t need to get tested again in the 90 days following. You will most likely continue to test positive for COVID and yet you are unlikely to get COVID again. 
    • If within that 90-day window you feel you should get tested again, please consult first with your healthcare provider. 
    • 90 days after your positive test, then everything resets. It is assumed you don’t have immunity and you start over as if you never tested positive. This is important because some people think that a positive test means immunity forever; it doesn’t. 
  • Second: 
    • If you’re concerned about a possible exposure to COVID, please consult with your healthcare provider before getting tested. 
    • You should know that getting tested too early can result in a negative test and a false sense of security. 
    • A negative test doesn't mean you won't get sick later. You may have been in an early infection stage or been infected after the test. You may need to get tested again later if you develop symptoms. It is best to consult with your healthcare provider. 
    • Please social distance and isolate if possible while you’re waiting to get tested.