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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes for 09/12/2018


Dan Costello, Karen Fischer, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Amy Sharp, Sarah VanSteenbergen, Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Cyn Zavala, Matt Zimmerman, Loretta Dragoo


The official changes we wanted made to WSU building code standards have been made by Dan Costello.  Now it will be required to have single use restroom facilities in all new buildings and renovations from this point on.

Matt Jeffries shared a map that shows the gender inclusive bathrooms open to the public on the Pullman campus (with event spaces included). It helps us to identify gaps and Matt would like to identify the ones that are not currently on the list. We are missing Flix on the list. We would like to put this map on the site when we have it updated. As for WSU-Spokane there are no gender inclusive or single-use restrooms in the two buildings there. WSU Vancouver, Nolan will plot them out on a map and put it up on their site.

WSU-Tri-Cities is now complete.  They only have two restrooms.


We need to continue to think about signage.  Terms for signage continue to evolve and cost is a factor.  Dan Costello will bring signage samples and we will move towards a recommendation.

Menstrual Products

We have no update on the Swire Contract yet for menstrual products.

WSU Spokane has no menstrual products or dispensers.  Shannon Kozlovich is going to come up with a number that would be needed.

Nolan Yawes-Gonzales is to check out what WSU-Vancouver has for dispensers and where they are located.

New Directions

ASWSU-Global is going to start allotting a $50 per student subsidy.

Matt Jeffries is currently working on getting new members appointed to the committee.

New BPPM revisions we need to work on:

  • Cougar Card – name changes, can use chosen name
  • Diplomas – can use chosen name
  • Legal sex designation – need to determine process for changing within the university and create a list that people can navigate
  • Student housing – the UW housing application has a process for gender (binary) that we can model after