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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes for 08/18/2018


Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Amy Sharp, Nolan Yawes-Gonzales, Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo


  • Dan Costello should have completed the list of different types of restrooms for all the branch campuses including Pullman.
  • Everet has a site now which is linked to We hope to post to the sites next week for Spokane and Vancouver.
  • Matt Jeffries is working with the Jordyn Creighton at WSU Tri-Cities on a website. Matt will ask about menstrual products in men’s restrooms at WSUTC as well.
  • We have found that the other campuses don’t post information where menstrual products are available; we would like to add this information to their sites.
  • Menstrual products will be placed in men’s restrooms by the 1st day of classes on the Pullman campus. Stickers should be placed on the restroom doors on the restrooms these products are available in.  There was discussion of how we get the word out about the availability of menstrual products on the Pullman campus.  Matt will talk to Sharaé about doing some kind of write-up to send to directors and to place in newsletters.
  • Terry is still negotiating with Swire on menstrual products.
  • WSU-Spokane shares restrooms with EWU. We will start the first program of menstrual products in the Fitness Center.
  • Matt Jeffries is going to reach out to WSU-Vancouver to start the talks to make things more accessible and assist Nolan-Yawes Gonzales.
  • We have several committee spots open as students have graduated, etc. Matt Jeffries is working on getting new students appointed and Amy Sharp is giving some recommendations.  Nella Ludlow is working on finding a representative for Global Campus.