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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes



Craig Cole, Jordyn Creighton, Kelly Demand, Stacey Gravel, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Posey, Amy Sharp, Margaret Singbeil, Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo


Committee Report:

Matt is continuing to update our committee report and had some questions on the numbers of menstrual products machines on all the different campuses.  We discussed that Tri-Cities campus is going to go with a courtesy dispenser that they priced out that would be more economical for them.  Matt will touch base with Randy at the Tri-Cities on this to make sure this is how they want to proceed.  Matt is still waiting to get data from Spokane, Vancouver and Everett.

Johnson Tower Restrooms:

Robin Olson worked on switching Johnson Tower restrooms to single stalls on each floor. 

Webster Lactation Space:

Webster has a restroom that can be added to our list on the website as an option for a lactation space.  It is not the most ideal space, but it does give an option in that part of campus.

Foot Washing Stations:

Craig would like to see WSU Pullman set up three foot washing stations in concept that would be spaced in the middle, far west and far east parts of the campus.  Each of the other campuses are small enough to just have one space.  We definitely do not need to have these in every building in general. 

Other Cultural Needs:

There was discussion also of other cultural needs that we probably as a committee need to address at some time.  There is the cultural smoking and smudging.

Future Committee Meeting:

For our August 28th meeting; Matt has invited Wendy Peterson/Admissions, Michelle Lewis/Recruitment, Brian Dixon/Financial Aid, and Fran Hermanson/Institutional research to join us talk about the AACRAO Student Identity recommendations.


The Spark building is the last building to have the trial conversion kits installed.  This project will be completed by the end of the next week.

Meditation Space:

Matt is going to reach out to the Libraries to see if they have a room/space that could be set up as a meditation space.  The space could be in any of the libraries as they are all located centrally on campus.