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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes



Dan Costello, Karen Fischer, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Amy Sharp, Sara Vansteenbergen, Loretta Dragoo

Website Info Updates:

Matt Jeffries has been looking at the Portland State’s website and really likes the format of it. He would like to model the one we are setting up similar to theirs. We were going to communicate this by sending a letter to each Chancellor at the different campuses. Nella is working on this. Across the campuses, the websites should be built out of the diversity units, except for Everett.

Matt is working on the template for the sites which will include:

  • Location/Building
  • Floor
  • Occupancy
  • Changing Table Y/N
  • ADA Compliant
  • Elevator Access
  • Other Access Notes
  • Showers

At the bottom of the site, we will have a link to the information of menstrual products and where they are located.  This post will be on the Women’s Center site for Pullman campus.

Matt will ask each of the branch campuses where they will post the menstrual product information.

Pilot Program:

The pilot program for the WSU campus of stocking some men’s restrooms with menstrual products is on hold.  The machines were ordered and company had to delay our order as they were in process of filling a huge order.  We should have the machines next week.

Mobile Application:

There was discussion of having a mobile app site and we need to contact Clint Young for this.

Building Code Standards:

Dan Costello’s area is still working on this write-up/verbiage.  For new building projects, this is easy; but it gets sticky writing up the standards for renovations.

Lactation Spaces:

Matt brought up that we need to be looking at what we provide system-wide for lactation spaces (Quite Rooms).  Dan Costello will check and see what our standards currently say. Currently, we only have the Lavender room at the Women’s Center and Wilson and French 143 West are posted on the OEO site.  Dan will check on what his department can find out there as well.

Dan will also be talking to Joe Kline about the construction of the new Plant building and see what kind of restrooms are going in that facility.  He would like to catch and make changes now that they are in the planning stage.

Committee Openings:

We have some vacancies on our committee due to Kate leaving and some students that graduated.  Matt has some folks that may be interested in serving and he will move forward with finding these replacements.