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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes



Karen Fischer, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Nella Ludlow, Sara Vansteenbergen, Nolan Yawes-Gonzales, Olivia Yang, Matt Zimmerman, Loretta Dragoo

Website Info Updates:

Tri-Cities has a link to the Pullman site.  Tri-Cities does not list their gender-neutral restrooms.

We need to set up a central repository for all of the data we collect.  Dan Costello is working on connecting with all the facility contacts across WSU and get a listing of the restrooms that are assessable to the public and which are gender neutral.  We would like to go ahead and post what information we do have so we can have something up on the site.  We can tweak the information later.  Matt Jeffries will be the depository and will get the information posted.

Pullman will be the main link and then we will point to the other branch campuses for their information.  Each branch campus will then have their own page and will be responsible for updating their information.  We will get all the pages to be formatted the same.

To move this forward, Nella will draft a letter that will be sent to the Chancellors at each branch campus.  Mary Jo Gonzales will sign the letter.  This will communicate to each Chancellor what we are doing as a committee and the website that we are creating.  We will outline the data we have for restrooms for their branch and ask them to verify this information.  We will give them the format and program to get a website up and point to our WSU Pullman site.  This letter should go out by June 30th.  We will give the Chancellors a reasonable deadline, such as August 15th or by fall semester.  Before the letter goes out, the committee will review and approve.

Nella pointed out that we also have extension centers in Puyallup, Bremerton and WSU Seattle that will need to be addressed at some point.

Restroom Building Standards:

Dan Costello was unable to be here today.  He is working on the building standards language that we will be reviewing and adopting to require renovations and new building construction to include gender-inclusive bathrooms/facilities.  We will also work on the ranking/tier order of existing facilities at that time.

Menstrual Products Updates:

Tri-Cities does have coin-operated machines in the women’s restrooms that have pads and tampons.  Everett has one gender-neutral restroom and four men’s and four women’s restrooms.  The women’s restroom and the one gender-neutral restroom are stocked with free supplies.  Nella was interested to find out what budget/product pays for the Everett campus supplies.

We are still waiting for updates on Spokane and Vancouver.  Vancouver students do want products supplied, Nolan will check into this.

The committee learned that the University of Wisconsin at Madison has menstrual products in men’s restrooms.  They have had no vandalism.  They have signs in the non-stocked men’s restrooms to direct people to men’s facilities that are stocked.

To Do’s for Next Meeting:


  • Update on Swire providing product and the pilot in men’s restrooms in the SRC, Chinook and CUB.


  • Prepare slides for Olivia Yang to present at the Monday all working group committee update meeting with Mary Jo.
  • Draft a letter to be reviewed by the committee that will go to the Chancellors regarding what we are doing and the website.
  • Connect with WSU Tri-Cities and get them on board.


  • Write up the language to present to the committee for adoption regarding restroom building standards for renovations and new construction on WSU campuses.