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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes



Kelly Demand, Karen Fischer, Stacey Gravel, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Shannon Poesy, Amy Sharp, Avery Whittingham Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo

Prayer Spaces:

Matt Jeffries and Cyn Zavala met with the Muslim Student Association to get feedback on prayer space.  If was very informative and will help us develop policies.

Sharps Containers:

Sharps containers were discussed and these are preferred as department will have to determine who is in charge for bagging, etc.  What are the procedures that the CUB has in place for their sharp containers?  Matt will reach out to find out more information.

Lactation Spaces:

There was discussion on the lactation room converted in McCluskey on Grimes Way.  Facilities Planning was able to use some demo and surplused furniture that were on hand.  There was also more discussion on the availability of demo and surplused furniture that could be used in other lactation spaces around campus.

Matt is going to be reaching out to all the building administrators on the WSU campus to see what they have for lactation spaces or if they have a space that can be converted to one.  Stacey will give him a contact list.  Shannon Kozlovich will be getting a list to Matt of the lactation spaces that are at WSU Spokane currently.  A student group in Spokane is currently working on a proposal for space and need our committee assistance.  They eventually would like to meet with the Spokane Chancellor.

Tampon Dispensers:

Craig is working on getting the correct conversion kits for the machines.  All the machines in Todd Hall are now converted.

Money Proposal/Request:

Matt will draft a proposal of the monies needed for supplies, machines, etc.