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Division of Student Affairs

 Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Dan Costello,  Karen Fischer, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Matthew Jeffries, Nella Ludlow, Savannah Rogers, Amy Sharp, Sara Vansteenbergen, Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Cyn Zavala, Matt Zimmerman, Loretta Dragoo

Nella Ludlow shared that we as a committee are to publish our accomplishments to date by June 1st.  Nella will outline a draft to include:

1) Identifying topics/issues we are working on.  This does not mean that we can fix everything we identify, etc.; but does acknowledge everything we have discovered.

2) Post/Update Current Locations of Gender Inclusive Restroom Facilities.  We will get these updated and published/posted on the different web site locations and centers (i.e. GIESORC, Women’s Center)

3) Menstrual Products.  Terry shared a list with the committee of which facilities on the Pullman Campus provide products in the women’s restrooms.  This program was rolled out last fall and will go indefinitely.  We would like to roll this out on some other campuses.

Discussion of Restroom Facilities:

Dan Costello has a lot of information on the facilities at Pullman and other campuses.  He is still waiting on some Vancouver information. 

In our discussion with team members, we determined:

  • WSU Seattle – does not have gender inclusive restrooms
  • Visitor Center/Pullman: Does not have gender inclusive restrooms and they stated this cam be an issue from time to time
  • Martin Stadium/Pullman: Has three family restrooms on the southside of the stadium; does not have anything on the northside/student section area
  • Beasley Coliseum/Pullman: does not have gender inclusive restrooms
  • Conferences: there was discussion of whether there are general inclusive restrooms when we host conferences here

These are very public facilities and should be high on our list to address. 

Nella proposed after we receive from Facilities the restroom facilities locations, we should evaluate what areas are missing or lacking.  Then we should prioritize into three categories of Tier 1 (need to address now), Tier 2 (as soon a practical), Tier 3 (as building are updated, then add/include facilities).

Matt Jeffries requested from Dan Costello a list of all the restrooms on the various campuses.  He would like to look at the lists and post them on the two sites (GIESORC & Women’s Center).  Dan Costello discussed the master list that he could draw from as a data base and then complete a new data base so we could add additional information. 

Signage and Naming:

Matt Jeffries shared his power point presentation of restroom signage from other universities.

Dan Costello shared that the building code is silent; that there are no specific requirements for gender neutral facilities.

There was discussion on the terminology we should use.  NCTE Recommends “all gender”, meaning it is open to everyone.  We agreed that this should be our terminology.  The group looked at different signage and concluded that we don’t care for the male/female figures on the signs.  It was also noted that single fixture restrooms do not need a reference to gender.  We need to make sure we add signage if it is ADA accessible.

Menstrual Products:

We need to post where these products are offered in the restrooms of which building facilities.  We can post a list at GIESORC, Women’s Center, Chinook, SRC, and CUB web sites.  Last spring/fall there was an article on the introduction of these products in these facilities in the Evergreen.  It was targeting the student population.  The cost for these products are absorbed in the operation costs of each facility.    Matt Jeffries shared some findings of what other universities are doing.

The questions was asked should we provide products in all women’s restrooms?  Maybe we make a tier list of these as well.  Should we offer them in the men’s restroom at the CUB?  We would also need to determine a cost for each restroom or tier.  We will need to be aware of the different types of funding as well, i.e. self-sustaining versus state funding.

Terry will get a list of the buildings currently serviced by the vendor on the Pullman campus and what kind of revenue they receive.

New Topics:

The next meeting May 9th will be cancelled, as there is a Student Affairs meeting that most of the committee will need to attend.  However, we agreed to work via email over these two weeks without a formal meeting.

The committee meetings will be extended through the rest of the calendar year with next meeting May 23rd.