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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes





Terry Boston, Avoree Bell, Craig Cole, Kelly Demand, Karen Fischer, Stacey Gravel, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Shelly Neuhart, Shannon Poesy, Amy Sharp, Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo


Cyn Zavala will be working to create a group of members to participate in researching meditation/wellness spaces.

The committee reviewed the write-ups for the updating/renovating restrooms that Stacey Gravel has been working on.  There were some updates and wording changes that will be made.

There was discussion on the signage for shared lactation spaces.  For new builds and renovations the wording will be added in the preferreds regarding accessibility for maximum number of hours that the building is open for all users.

The machine conversions are happening.  They are going smoothly. Todd Hall is complete. Holland, Spark and Smith will be completed within the next three weeks.

Sean Deeds will need to obtain product dispensers for free product so they can be placed in the Martin Stadium facilities.  Craig Cole shared with him all the information for the conversion kits, etc.

Commons room 107 will be a become a gender-inclusive restroom and will be completed soon.