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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Dan Costello,  Karen Fisher, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Nola Yaws-Gonzales, Matthew Jeffries, Nella Ludlow, Amy Sharp, Shannon Kozlovich, Olivia Yang, Sara Vansteenbergen, Cyn Zavala, Matt Zimmerman, Loretta Dragoo

Nella Ludlow wanted to know how do we get the most updated information on the restrooms on all campuses?  And, we need to determine what will be the best standard for restrooms and signage.  We probably need to work with the different facilities people at the various WSU locations for these answers.  Our last question will be then what do we do with the restrooms that don’t meet our standards?

Dan Costello has access to Real Property (a facilities program) and he will forward to each campus facilities personnel contact he has a list of their bathroom inventory and have them review and validate the information so that it is current.  He will also have them identify which facilities have 24-hour access.

The question was then asked where should the central location be for posting restroom information on the WSU website for each location?  Currently they are:

Pullman - OE & GIESORC
Spokane – Diversity Center
Vancouver – Diversity Center
Everett – not posted
TriCities – we are researching this

Nella Ludlow proposed that we have all the data posted in one central location on the main WSU website.  Each campus can then have their campus web site point to this central location.  We could also do with the campus map and the Visitors Center as well.

Menstrual Products:
Currently there are supplies in the women’s restroom on the Pullman site at CUB, Chinook, SRC and the Women’s Center. 

Should we add products to the men’s restrooms at these sites?  Everyone agreed that we need to be very thoughtful about this and whatever is decided we need to make sure we communicate this well.  Nella suggested that we do a small roll out/pilot program of either the CUB or Chinook on the WSU campus and see how it works out.  We need to reach out to the Directors at the CUB, Chinook and SRC and get some feedback on what they think would work for a pilot program.  After we run this pilot program, we can analyzer that data and see how to proceed here and at the other campuses.

At the Spokane campus, a person has to ask for products at the Student Affairs front window.  This is not very acceptable.  The other issue at that campus is 50% of the students are from EWU.

The Everett campus did provide free products for a few months..  The campus is small and probably can be easily addressed.

The Vancouver ASWSU students very much want to move forward on this movement.

We need to collect costing data to understand this proposal better.

It was discussed that the preferred terminology may be “gender inclusive”.  Currently the University standard seems to be “gender neutral” and current building code does not count these in the fixture count of a facility.  The code is in the process of changing this to include them in the total fixture count of a facility.

Sara found during the meeting some WAC codes that referenced signage.  The committee was also questioning the braille and what it actually said on the restroom signs as well.  Olivia is going to find out about the WACs and the braille.

Both Matt Jeffries and Amy Sharp have some signage information at their offices that they will check out.

Centralized Person Name Changes:
Nella would like to start gathering information on centralized process for person name changes.  She commented that we really need to get this to be “one stop shopping” for the most part for people to be able to change their names easily throughout the system.  Even if it means a few steps at least having all the information in one place to “flow” out.  It is such a big task for someone right now wanting to accomplish this and it continues to be a problem for people.  Matt Jeffries is going to gather information on this topic and make recommendations to the committee of how to proceed.

Kate Gannon will spearhead the information on residence hall rooms and transgender information.  Nella also received an email from a student asking questions about residence hall rooms and she will forward this to Kate to respond to.

If anyone thinks of other topics we should be addressing on this committee, please let Nella or Matt know.

Summarize to Do’s:
Dan Costello:  get facility info to the managers at the different campus so they can check the inventory on the restrooms (current snap shots of facilities) and let us know what is gender neutral and what is open 24 hours a day.  Also will check to see if the other campus locations are discussing any changes to be made.

Matt to contact HRC and Nella contact NCTE to see what they say is standard terminology and any additional information they may have.

Olivia is going to check on the WACs regarding signage and braille.

Kate will work on the residence hall room project.