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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Avoree Bell, Craig Cole, Karen Fischer, Stacey Gravel, Matt Jeffries, Stephanie Kalili, Shannon Poesy, Amy Sharp, Sarah Vansteenbergen, Cyn Zavala, Nolan Yawes Gonzales, Loretta Dragoo



We did not meet in March due to scheduling conflicts etc.  We have new members on our committee and Matt Jeffries shared the objectives with everyone. 

They are:

  • Update and review gender inclusive facilities listing available on all WSU campuses (Completed 11/2018)
  • Assess gap areas for gender inclusive restrooms.
  • Develop long term plan to incorporate gender inclusive restrooms on all campuses
  • Assess gap areas and make recommendations for trans* support on each campus
  • Review Spring 2017/Fall 2018 free product pilot program by ASWSU Pullman to determine cost and effectiveness (completed 11/2018)
  • Propose plan for menstrual product availability on all campuses including budget and staffing
  • The committee reviewed the restroom document drafted by Craig Cole & Dan Costello.  Changes were made to the guidelines which includes information on menstrual product disposal cans if square footage is allowable in the facility, partition information on heights for retro fits or full height for stalls.  Matt Jeffries is also going to work local religious groups to see if there are any needs, i.e. prayer rooms, foot washing, bidets.  Matt will ask for volunteers from our committee to help him with this part of the project.
  • The committee reviewed the lactation/wellness room requirements document.  A paragraph will be added on the overall guidance of these spaces.  Currently, the CUB project is on hold as the S & A fees for this project were not approved.  There was discussion on windows that might be in facilities, i.e. a windowed door and using decals to obscure these.
  • Matt will also look more in to signage for lactation, wellness and meditation spaces.
  • The committee went over the list of locations for conversion of the feminine hygiene product  machines to be changed from pay to free.  The conversion units will arrive next week and Facilities Operations will begin installing them across campus.  The custodians assigned to the buildings will make sure the machines are full of product and this will be part of their duties.  Swire has donated the product that is still remaining in the machines.  We need to collect the money out of them as they are converted and return it to Swire.
  • It was noted by one of the committee members that we have a need for product in Martin Stadium as well.  There are 14 facilities there.  After some discussion the best route is for Matt Jeffries to connect with Anne McCoy and see how we can move forward.  We would also need to add Beasley Coliseum to the list as well.
  • For now, we will see how the conversion of the hygiene product machines goes and then we can move forward with proposals for the campus branches and get products in their restrooms, etc.  We can also see if we can get all conversions done throughout those campuses over the summer months.