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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Karen Fischer, Dan Costello, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Matthew Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Nella Ludlow, Amy Sharp, Sarah VanSteenbergen, Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Matt Zimmerman, Olivia Yang, Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo

Nella Ludlow opened the meeting with acknowledging all the attendees since we were in different locations attending by Skype.  The purpose of this working group is to analyze system wide all gender inclusive facilities we currently have, along with Trans* support and menstrual products.  We are tasked with identifying not only what we have, but also what we are lacking and areas of concerns/issues and topics that we may need to address or take a deeper look into.

Nella shared that currently there are three different Trans* groups within the WSU system.  These groups may not have the same agenda, but they exist and there is some overlap.  It is good for us to be aware of these.  They are:

  • GIESORC Commission: Nolan Yaws-Gonzales is the chair.  This group provides a voice for GEISORC students, works with policies on the Human Resource side, provides recognition and awards to students it engages.
  • GIESORC/CUB 401: This office located on the Pullman campus and directed by Matthew Jeffries.  This office supports LGBQ students throughout the WSU system as well as faculty and staff.  The office provides initiatives and trainings.
  • 3rd Group: Our Trans* Working Group.

Shared Facilities/Handouts:

Handouts were shared as well as a slide showing all the different facilities on the WSU Pullman and Vancouver campuses.  The inventory Terry Boston shared are facilities that are under his direction of the auxiliaries on the Pullman campus.  These include the residence halls, CUB, Chinook, Student Recreation Center, and the Elson S Floyd Cultural Center.  Terry shared that as we build new facilities we now make sure that we plan and include gender inclusive facilities.  Dan Costello represented Olivia Yang and Capital Planning from the Pullman campus.  He will be able to come up with color-coded maps for us to view of all the locations on the different campuses.  By viewing it this way, we will be able to identify areas that lack having accessibility to gender-neutral facilities.  It will also provide us with the buildings/facilities that are ADA accessible. Nella shared a list of gender-neutral facilities she found on the OEO/WSU site.  There is question if the new Visitor Center in downtown Pullman has any gender neutral facilities?

Nella pointed out that we are really looking at these issues with three types of groups to serve:  students, residents and visitors.  We need to keep this in mind when accessing our different problems and issues.  Additional issues we need to address on this committee are

  • Discussion on the proper wording/language for signage for gender-neutral facilities, etc.
  • A need for consistency on the web for listing these facilities and the hours of accessibility
  • Identify gaps on the campus maps for accessibility to gender neutral facilities
  • Menstrual products for men’s bathrooms. We probably need to get some data on this and see what the need is.  Maybe products are placed in only student central areas such as the union buildings, recreation centers, etc.  We also will need to obtain more information on product cost and vendors. 

Shannon Kozlovich shared that WSU Spokane, and ASEWU have been discussing about getting products on their shared campus.  We need to collect information from all the different campuses.

Nella has designated points of contact for the various WSU locations:

Matt Jeffries – Pullman
Noland Yaws-Gonzales – Vancouver
Sharon Kozlovich – Spokane
Katie Banks – Tri Cities
Nella Ludlow – Everett 

Other issues that our committee will need to consider/address:

  • Easier legal and preferred name changes on campus
  • Web resources at EEO and GIESORC (update and make it one-stop shopping)
  • Inclusion in campus media/literature & advertising
  • Collect metrics of hiring and student admissions
  • Student dorms beyond the one location for Trans* students (McCroskey on Pullman campus)
  • Student Health Fee: list what the health fee covers; check to see if we can get hormone replacement therapy (HRC) included

Next meeting is Wednesday, April 11th at noon.