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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Jared Brasewell, Jordyn Creighton, Dan Costello, Matt Jeffries, Aydan Miner, Sarah Vansteenbergen, Cyn Zavala, Nolan-Yawes Gonzalez, Loretta Dragoo

Menstrual Product Machines:

  • Dan Costello received the quote on the mechanisms needed to change the product dispensers from coin to free at $10.53 per part.  Some will be ordered to see how it works out.  We would like to proceed with the tier 1 for the conversion.  Sarah will highlight the tier 1 list and send it to Dan.  The list includes Todd, Holland Library, CUE, and Spark buildings.  Terry will notify Swire to stop servicing the machines in those buildings and Facilities Operations will begin.  Terry will also find out from Swire if they want to unload the product left or not.
  • For new buildings, Dan found that the machines run from $280 to $315 each.  He will bring examples for us to look at and select from.
  • To provide products at other campuses, the money for costs will be provided by:
    • Vancouver – Health & Wellness
    • Tri-Cities:  Facilities Operations
    • Pullman-to decide funding help after we change the first tier of buildings
    • Spokane:  TBD
  • New buildings:  the machines will be included in the building specs

Restroom Design Guidelines:

The committee reviewed the design guidelines drafted by Dan.  There were changes to reasonable access, adding a sink requirement and some wording changes.  Refrigerators will be preferred.

Wellness Rooms:

We need signage to indicates lactation spaces.  We can also place these on the outlook calendaring system so people know where these are and can schedule them.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms:

  • The Todd restroom renovation is a good comparable to give us cost estimates for future renovations or conversions we need to do to existing facilities throughout our system.  The numbers indicate that it is not cost effective to do a conversion generally, a remodel is more effective.  This is because you are dealing with the HVAC, sprinklers, removing urinals, etc.
  • It was noted that Todd, CUE, Dana & Sloan do not have gender inclusive restrooms. 
  • Matt Jeffries will submit a report and recommendations at the end of April (the one year anniversary of this committee and will include the work we have completed to date.