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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support Working Group

Meeting Minutes



Terry Boston, Dan Costello, Karen Fischer, Matt Jeffries, Stephanie Kalili, Shannon Kozlovich, Lindsay Lighter, Aydan Miner, Melissa Painter, Amy Sharp, Sarah Vansteenbergen, Loretta Dragoo

Lactation Spaces:

  • Melissa Painter joined our meeting today from Health & Wellness.  They recently converted a space to a lactation room and she coordinated this change.  A microwave, table, recliner, side table were all placed in the room.  They are looking at placing a portable sink there.  This lactation space is open to anyone and they can reserve it on the outlook calendar.
  • Door locks for lactation spaces was discussed.  Doors should be locked from the inside and have some kind of signage that they are in use.  This can be the door having the “occupied” sign that shows when locked, to a slider sign by the door indicating the facility is in use.
  • Dan Costello has started a list of guidelines for lactation spaces for new builds and would like to run this by our committee and then adopt it into our new design/build requirements.  Dan shared a handout “Mothers Room Guidelines” for us to read.
  • Our first step is for the changes in the building standards to be approved and incorporated into guidelines.  There will be guidelines for new builds and conversions.
  • The second step should be to create priorities for conversions.  We need to email each building director to find out if there are any lactation spaces or spaces being used as such.  We need to reach out to make these permanent.


  • For gender inclusive restrooms, the toilet picture will be the signage used.  It will be approximately $100 per sign.
  • Aydan Miner joined our committee.  She is a member of the new student group “Period” which is a non-profit organization that focuses on education, advocating and serving.  They distribute packets to people in need or provide to organizations that can help distribute them.

Final Steps:

  • Dan Costello will find out cost of the mechanism to convert the feminine hygiene product machines from taking coin to being free.
  • Custodians will fill the dispensers as a part of their permanent duties.
  • Dan shared that new machines cost approximately $300.  These are the bigger machines with a clean design.  The Spokane branch would like three smaller dispensers.  Dan will check the specs to see if these same machines would work there.
  • Free product machines will be added in the language for new builds in all gender, male and female restrooms.
  • The WSU website has been updated regarding facilities which lists them by campus, types and locations.
  • Matt Jeffries is working on our work group recommendations document.