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Division of Student Affairs

Trans* Support W/G

Meeting Minutes




Jordan Creighton, Karen Fischer, Matt Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich, Nella Ludlow, Sara Vansteenbergen, Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Loretta Dragoo


  • Webster has converted restrooms to more gender inclusive.
  • Commons 107 is being converted to a gender inclusive restroom in February. 
  • Clark Hall is going to create a gender-inclusive restroom.


Signage for gender inclusive bathrooms were discussed.  Signs with no verbiage along with braille was discussed.  We will work with Dan Costello to make a recommendation.

Menstrual Products

  • Dan Costello shared that the custodians in Facilities Operations will be able to stock all the academic restrooms system-wide on the Pullman Campus.  The Spokane campus is working on a proposal.
  • Terry shared that Swire stocks the academic buildings coin-operated machines with product as a part of their contract on the Pullman campus.  He provided a worksheet with Swire’s costs.  Swire would be happy to get out of this service and we would need to do a small contract revision with them.
  • We will need to work with Dan Costello on the cost and time and what option to take to move forward with the coin-operated machines.  Should they be retrofitted, take the door off, replaced? 
  • The CUB, SRC and Chinook (auxiliary buildings) provide the product to students for free.  The costs are absorbed in the operations budget which are minimal.
  • The hope is to have free menstrual products throughout all the WSU sites.  Funding will need to be discussed further with Matt Jeffries, Terry Boston and Dan Costello.  Terry mentioned that the product purchased could be placed in the budget as a part of products provided for buildings along with the toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Currently, WSU Vancouver has their Health Services provide the funding for their costs of product.
  • Shannon from WSU Spokane is working on getting the cost of products in the facilities budget.
  • Jordyn from WSU Tri-Cities is still waiting on information for costs of product and then will proceed with who will provide the funding.
  • Matt Jeffries will provide a draft proposal/recommendations for the committee to review.  A section will be included for ideas and thinking ahead.

Lactation spaces

Dan Costello is doing background research. The Commission on the Status of Women have some data and proposals as well. Dan will prepare a presentation that will include all this information for us.