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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes for 10/24/2018



Dan Costello, Karen Fischer, Matt Jeffries, Kara Lane, Nolan Yaws-Gonzales, Cyn Zavala, Loretta Dragoo


Discussion of Tiers:

Tier 1:

  • Todd, CUE, Fulmer, Sloan 
  • French, Lighty, Beasley

We need to identify five buildings within this tier and then have committee members work with the building coordinators to figure out pricing for changes to restroom facilities. Then we can go from there.

Tier 2: Facilities with not a lot of contact hours or an acceptable gender inclusive option within a five minutes walking distance:  Golf Course, Visitor’s Center, Bohler, PEB, Smith Gym.

Sustainability – we need to assign someone to review our lists, update and move forward and cycle with the budget cycle.

Menstrual Products:

Terry is working with Swire to get numbers from them.


New committee members will be onboarding at our next meeting on November 14th.

We will need to develop a long-term plan to help us navigate and complete our tier plan.

Access gap areas and make recommendations.  Electronic Records, Odyssey, CougarCard Center.  We need to address the chosen name versus official name.  Other systems include (and what name they are currently using):

  • Student Conduct – official name
  • Access Center – official legal name; they are in the works of making changes
  • Point & Click – Cougar Health Services
  • Pro Pharm – Cougar Health Services
  • Attic
  • Coug Sync
  • Give
  • EAB out of the Provost’s office – navigate now.  Matt will check on this one.
  • Diplomas – are all created out of the Pullman campus


Our committee needs to work with HRS Rep and have them attend our meetings periodically.