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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes for 10/10/2018

Updates/What we have accomplished:

  • Done: menstrual product trials in men’s restrooms- SRC/Chinook/CUB
  • Done: a list of gender inclusive facilities across the system, on their respective campus website which are linked through This list will include access needs, ADA-accessible, elevator need, signage, changing stations, and menstrual products. Pullman’s is still in process due to website constraints.
  • Done: changes in building standards- all new WSU construction and all renovations from here on out will include a single user bathroom. This doesn’t include buildings that are already underway.
  • Bubbling: figuring out where we are missing gender inclusive facilities, figuring out how much it would cost to have free menstrual products across the system
  • Next: work on computer systems and their ability to communicate to each other (Blackboard & myWSU)
  • Objectives Completed:
    • Update and review gender inclusive facilities listing available on all WSU campuses
    • Review Spring 2017/Fall 2018 free product pilot program

Assess gap areas for gender inclusive restrooms:

  • Recognize some of the spaces on campus could be transformed through taller stalls and gapless doors
  • What would it look like if there were a form to submit “potential gender-inclusive bathrooms?”
  • Tier system
    1. Tier 1- as soon as possible. The biggest concerns are the “front doors” to our institution that do not have a gender-inclusive bathroom. We imagine these spaces could include: Lighty Student Services/French Administration, Beasley Coliseum, etc.
    2. Tier 2- after the Tier 1 spaces, these spaces would be buildings that do not have a gender-inclusive bathroom and there is not a gender-inclusive bathroom within a 5-minute commute (walk = ableist language; thoughts on other words?).
    3. Tier 3- after the Tier 2 spaces, these spaces would be buildings that are on the ‘renovation’ list and in their remodel, we are requesting that they add a gender inclusive facility.

Propose plan for menstrual product availability on all campuses including budget and staffing:

  • How many machines per campus?
  • How often to fill machines?
  • Who fills machines?
  • How much does product cost?

Develop long term plan to incorporate gender inclusive restrooms on all campuses:

  • Building standards change
  • Is this objective met?

Assess gap areas and make recommendations for trans support on each campus:

  • Blackboard/myWSU, etc.
  • Others?