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Division of Student Affairs

Gender Inclusive & Trans* Support Work Group

Meeting Minutes




Terry Boston, Dan Costello, Karen Fischer, Kate Gannon-Cullinan, Matthew Jeffries, Shannon Kozlovich,  Amy Sharp, Sara Van Steenbergen, Olivia Yang, Loretta Dragoo

Restroom Inventory:
An inventory of all the restrooms for the Pullman campus was shared with the committee.  Dan Costello will be able to get a list of the other campuses through his contacts within Facility Services by August 15.  At that point we will need to identify which are publicly accessible; which are single or  multi use; look at the signage; identify which have changing tables; and menstrual product availability.  We will ultimately want to add this information to websites for all campuses. Matthew will reach out to other campuses about adding web pages for this information that will tie to the main LGBTQ+ page.

Next meeting we will plot spots where there are no gender inclusive restrooms and group them into tiers.  Tier 1 would be immediate; tier 2; tier 3 would be on a renovation list (hard because of plumbing issues).

New Construction:
Discussion on new construction of WSU building facilities from this point on and we would like to update the WSU standards to include gender inclusive restroom facilities in the buildings.  The committee voted that we need to move forward on making this change.  Dan Costello will come up with some recommended wording and bring to the next meeting.  There is the code, and then we would be requiring additional standards above the code for university buildings.

Menstrual Products:
There was discussion of having menstrual products and where they are currently accessible on the Pullman campus.  For the Spokane campus, there are no dispensers in the restrooms.  These facilities are shared with Eastern Washington University.  The Spokane WSU Fitness Center has some left over funds; Shannon will work on getting these dollars, so products could be provided in the Fitness Center starting next fall.

A handout was shared of the WSU Hygiene Dispensers on the Pullman Campus.  The one’s highlighted in red are currently not being filled.  This list is probably not 100% accurate.  We have no benchmark of how much product is actually used.  The machines are filled two times a year by Swire.  We do know that we have three different cost types and had 1800 pieces of product placed in the machines.  This is all provided through the current Swire Coke contract.  Everyone agreed that we need to figure out the Pullman campus first before addressing the other campuses.  What do we want to explore?  Should we make the products free?  It was mentioned that whoever services the restrooms could fill the machines with product (our own custodial teams).  We could continue to have Swire provide the product. Terry will talk to Swire about just providing product.

Who runs the contracts for vending for the other campuses? Matthew will check on what the other campuses do or have.

What about products in men’s restrooms?  The committee recommended starting with a pilot program  on the WSU campus with one dispenser in each building of the CUB, Chinook and SRC men’s restroom.  We could start this July 1.  Terry is to get recommendations and information from his staff in those buildings and identify which men’s restrooms to start the pilot program in.  Matthew Jeffries will work on the signage for these.

For the future:

  • Work on a WSU application that we can click on a map and be able to click for gender inclusive facilities information
  • Design/develop a small sticker that can be placed on the bathroom doors to indicate the availability of free menstrual products in that facility
  • Access the gaps
  • Develop an assessment survey and Matthew will check on this and we won’t do it until fall
  • Discuss graduate health insurance