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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Working Group
 Meeting Minutes

Nov. 14, 2019

  1. Present and review 2018-19 accomplishments for each respective working group (please format to 1-2 pages as requested by Jaime Nolan)
    • History: Group turnover from responsible administrators and support staff calendaring issues. 
    • Collection of resources and ideas on free speech, academic policy they are in draft shape.
    • Met with the various student groups / Black Student Union Group to gather information
    • EP-15 Draft Policy 
    • Student forum to get feedback to better adapt our draft policy
    • Created a space to address discrimination and freedom of speech policy 
  1. Present and confirm objectives and timelines for the 2019-20 academic year
    • Objectives – review and develop trainings
    • Marketing / Communicating outreach to create content after reviewing the collection of ideas to translate into policy and programming
    • Recommended syllabus statements from the faculty senate in order to recommend consistent material to distribute to students 
      • Addressing faculty concerns AGO partnership
    • Resources are needed for faculty and staff to navigate free speech zones 
    • Freedom of expression symposium in the spring (conference style forum connecting equity and inclusion / international studies to create connections) 
      • Outlining the transition in policy from k-12 rules to university policy 
    • Outlining a clear process for students/faculty to report concerns in order to resolve issues
    • Community Response Team in tandem with the Dean of Students Office create clear 
      • De-escalation group focused around students 
    • Advocacy for AFW, Commission on the Status of Women, CRCI to create roadshows on campus in order to outline and advocate
  2. Review rosters for working group members (document to be provided)
  • Candace Chappelle will no longer be a part of the EP-15 Working Group Chair team
  1. Questions you may have related to your respective roles/responsibilities for discussion at the kick-off meeting  

Next EP-15 meeting  

  • Introductions 
  • Explain what we expect from the meetings 
  • Logistics 
  • Draft policy