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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Work Group
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Beth Hindman, Kim Anderson, Nikki Hinshaw, Catherine Cooper, Adriana McKinney, Anne McCoy, Sophia Gaither, Nicole Manzione, Kenitm Keeney, Judi McDonald, Berto Cerrillo, and Tiffany Demeerleer


  • Who is available in the summer?
    • Work on supplements to have ready for fall
    • Work on some Frequently Asked Questions to explain standards
    • Sub committees should still meet and move forward
  • Create two small focus groups of students for feedback over the One at Vancouver campus and the other at Tri-Cities campus
    • Nikki and Adriana will coordinate
  • Reach out through summer alive program for input from students
  • How? Qualtrics Online Survey? Town Hall Discussion? Open Forum?
  • How do we deliver to students before they need it?
  • How do we best articulate EP 15 only?
  • To better educate our student we need to hear their voice and get their feedback
  • Free Speech subcommittee's tasks are outlined in their minutes from their meeting last week.

Three Phases

Phase 1 - SUMMER

Phase 2 - FALL

Phase 3-SPRING

Qualtrics and Table Survey

Focus Groups


In-coming freshman

Undergraduate students





After each phase is complete we can report to community

Next Steps

  1. Create a Timeline
    • What's important and include all the benchmarks along the way
    • Send to larger group when complete for feedback
    • Kenitra and Sophia will coordinate these efforts
  2. Work on a set of questions for a table survey and a Qualtrics survey
    • Kenitra and Brandon will coordinate these efforts
    • Send to larger group when complete for feedback