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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Working Group
Chairs and Co-Chairs Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2019



Attending: Kim Anderson, Candace Chappelle, Judi McDonald, Jamie Nolan, Holly Ashkannejhad; Brandon Chapman


  • Committee Representation
    • Faculty members
    • Student members – undergraduate and graduate
  • Recap of 4.1.19 5 Working Groups presentation to student groups
    • Meeting with student groups
    • Find a better way/time to meet with groups to get the word out

Disseminating Information

  • Meeting with student groups
  • Student representation
    • “Brand” Ambassadors
    • Utilize students strengths
  • Mobile App
  • QR codes
  • Flash Flushes (posters in restrooms)
  • Syllabus
  • Email Groups

Next Steps

  • Honing in on relevant Free Speech information to share with the group – Judi and Luci
  • EP15 representation on Syllabus and Student Communication Committee – Judi and Candace
  • Work on letter of policy recommendation to OEO – Brandon, Judi and Candace