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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Working Group
Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2019

Attending: Brandon, Kanitra, Judy, Kim, Nikki, Jim and Alexis

Where to go for help

  • Discussed the need to spread information and have it one or a few central locations
    • Is the syllabus the best place to put resources?
      • Create one-stop shop for faculty to create sample syllabi
    • Centralized webpage that all campuses, departments etc link to
    • myWSU tile that links to resources
    • Too many locations of information makes it difficult to stay updated

Common Language

  • Create a cultural shift and common language for students, staff and faculty
  • How are we defining diversity?
  • Communicating Effectively
    • Green Dot does it right – mimic their methods
    • Effective Marketing
    • Bring in the experts
      • Ex: Don’t Cancel the Class
      • Marketing and Training
    • Being careful not to give a roadmap to perpetrators on how to skirt the law

Policy Status

  • Complicated by recent OCR proposed rule changes and WA Supreme Court case Floeting v Group Health that may change the legal definition of discrimination and liability.


  • Trainings
    • Preventative & Resources
    • Common Language
  • Consolidate Cullying and Discrimination cases (Fac Senate will recommend)
    • Blurred line between the two – consolidate under one area
    • Faculty and Staff Moderators
  • Share resources and trainings with one another