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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Working Group
Meeting Minutes

December 04, 2018


Attendees: Kim Anderson, Kathy MacKay, Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Judith McDonald, Sophia Gaither, Kenitra Keeney, Luci Loera, Anne McCoy

By Phone: James Mohr

Brandon opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and introduced the proposed template for Working Group reports.  Heather will provide a copy of the template to the group.


  • Overview of previous meeting
  • Recap of Chairs & Admin meeting and upcoming changes for the working groups
    • All working groups will examine charges and see what is still applicable and what may need to be modified
  • Objectives – Review EP 15 language
    • Group is not re-writing, just collecting feedback and OEO will then look into the feedback and work with the AGO of adjustments are needed.
  • Update from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights – Proposed regulation under Title IX is in the comment period until the end of December
    • May impact WSU policy and/or reporting requirements
    • Certain parts of WSU policy may need to be altered based on OCR final ruling
  • Comments/feedback on EP 15 from Working Group are due to Kim on December 12
  • Policy and free speech training
    • Definition of free speech and types of protections for free speech
      • Potentially forming another small subgroup or group outside of the working group with a more narrow focus and specific objective
    • Training Videos
      • These would supplement the policy and provide examples
      • Outline provided by Brandon is intended to elicit feedback on content of videos, set up, and provide a different way of approaching scenarios
    • EP 15 policy revisions
      • What is the vision for policy revisions – definitions and resources included?
      • Group will focus on recommendations then on creation of supplemental documents/trainings
      • Examples should include employee examples (faculty and staff) as well, maybe with different training for students vs faculty & staff

Meetings and Membership

  • Chairs and Co-Chairs to meet once a month, a doodle poll will go out
  • EP 15 Working Group to meet once a month, a doodle poll will go out
  • Meeting minutes will be sent to Sharae Randall
  • Kathy MacKay last day will be December 19
  • SharePoint – has been established access, Heather will provide the link