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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Working Group
Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2019


Attendees: Kim Anderson, Candace Chappelle, Judith McDonald, Kenitra Keeney, Luci Loera, Anne McCoy, Karen Metzner

By Phone: James Mohr

Judy opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and identified three items on the agenda.


  • Agenda Item one:
    • Free Speech - Judy provided an update on where the group is at with the Free Speech topic and what the Free Speech subcommittee discussed in the spring of 2018, including free speech spaces on campus and academic freedom. The subcommittee also reviewed videos from other institutions.  Judy asked the group to provide suggestions/ideas for the free speech training videos via SharePoint before February 1. The group discussed resources and information that they would want to have included in the videos and Judy asked that the ideas be uploaded to the SharePoint for the group to review.
    • The group discussed the differences in free speech vs protected speech and hate speech vs discrimination.
  • Agenda item two:
    • EP 15 - Kim provided an update on the EP 15 rewrite. Kim will send out a draft then give the group a week to review.  After review and comments are received from the group, Kim will send the draft to the appropriate SA stakeholders and the AGO for review.
  • Agenda item three:
    • Round table discussion – Judy asked the group to come up with categories for ideas and/or recommendations on the content of the free speech videos. The group identified the following:
      • Training
      • Scenarios
      • Outreach
      • FAQ
      • Other Recommendations
      • Resources
    • Heather will create folders on the shared drive and the group can upload their suggestions.

Meetings and Membership

  • Chairs and Co-Chairs to meet once a month, dates were identified and meetings were scheduled
  • EP 15 Working Group to meet once a month, dates were identified and meetings were scheduled
  • Meeting minutes will be sent to Sharae Randall