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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15  Work Group
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Anderson, Kathy MacKay, Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Berto Cerrillo, Kenitra Keeney, Judith McDonald, Karen Metzner

By Phone: Nikki Hinshaw, Luci Loera, Nicole Manzione, James Mohr


Welcome back and confirmation of group members/First meeting of fall 2018

Get group re-oriented, discuss goals/what can be done.  Reviewed group roster, would like more student participation.  Candace reached out to GPSA, grad students have major time conflicts.  Are there focus groups or ways to layer group involvement, such as make changes and then send it out to students to more directly facilitate conversation with students.

Working groups formed to address concerns; hate speech, free speech, where are the lines drawn/hard to separate, students want clarity; clarity of 1st amendment.  Obligation as institution to create safe environment for students to pursue education and help them understand difference experiences.  Policy; Free Speech; third component-training/resources

Policy group

Kim noted organizational challenges with the document, (time spent on revisions, multiple drafts, sections referencing other sections/subsections).  Candace to review, look at clearly defined sections. Feedback from group is very important.  Encourages people to raise questions/concerns.

How to make policy better, ensure resources and options for students remain in policy, make more interactive and more accessible (may be important 1st step).  Kim will present draft, not final product.

Free Speech group

Free speech, protected speech; dramatic changes from high school to college re: legal obligations/laws.  Purpose, Intention, Audience.  FAQs – discussion, readability; many universities have FAQs; we could use them and give credit to source(s).  WSU could create videos with scenarios geared toward students (?), how can we get students’ feedback.

Students have indicated their struggles with language of the policy.  Protected vs non-protected speech, difficulty of explaining the why, principles behind this; how to interact, how to engage with others if there are disagreements (counter protests).  Relationships with Policy, Law, People; overlap issues, how to incorporate. 

Future meetings – Tuesdays at 10?