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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Work Group
Free Speech Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Berto Cerillo, Nikki Hinshaw, Kathy MacKay, Nicole Manzione, Judi McDonald, Luci Loera, Beth Blanks Hindman

Absent: Doug Yamamoto

We had a wide-ranging discussion, summarized here. The core problem seems two fold:

  • Lack of knowledge about freedom of speech
  • People feel that the institution doesn't support them; they don't feel safe

What action can WSU take to address the core problems?

  • Mission statement, but that isn't enough
  • Education on impact of speech; how to respond as engaged citizens

We will each brainstorm FAQs on different aspects of the core problems (don't worry about the answers to the FAQs, unless you know the answer and can express it easily).

  • FAQs what is protected speech? What are examples of unprotected speech? BETH
  • FAQs controversial speakers and events LUCI
  • Free speech zones FAQs (disruption of regular business) BERTO

Where may I speak
How may I speak
What materials may I use
May I counter protest?

  • FAQ: What can I do when I am targeted? NICOLE

What constitutes targeting?

  • FAQs: it's everyone's responsibility to create a place of civil discourse NOT ASSIGNED
  • FAQ: What are WSU's values as an institution? NIKKI
  • FAQs: what are faculty rights and responsibilities with regard to free speech JUDI
  • FAQs for staff¬†¬† NOT ASSIGNED