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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Work Group
Chairs & Co-Chairs Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Anderson, Danielle Hess, Kathy MacKay, Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Beth Hindman, Aj Southard


  • First Amendment, Format of Policy and Education/Training
  • Discussed timelines and other considerations
  • Need for different formats/mediums/real examples in education piece

 Working Group Meeting

  • Framework/Foundation
    • Brandon will Emcee the meeting
    • Beth will discuss First Amendment
    • Kim will discuss what the investigative process looks like at WSU
    • Danielle will provide a brief of Policy Structures (RCW, WAC, EP, )
    • Kathy will discuss the collaborative process that takes place across university
    • Speakers will provide members with a one page summary of their presentation
    • Working Group members will then sign up for one of the three sub-committees
  • Aj will send a "Save The Date" email to Working Group members for March 20th8:30ain-10:00am, with a note that more information will follow
  • Aj will work with Beth to find a large conference room with technical equipment/ support for those who cannot attend the meeting in-person
  • Beth, working with Candace and Brandon, will begin drafting information to be sent to the Working Group members regarding the meeting:
    • Agenda/Timeline/Summertime considerations
    • Sub-committee topics and how members might contribute based upon their strengths
  • Next week, Tiffany DeMeerleer will send the Working Group members the 3/20 meeting invite; she will include the info that Beth, Brandon and Candace drafted
  • We will schedule a follow up Working Group Meeting after sub-committees have met

Aj will book a recurring meeting for us to meet on 3/6 & 3/13 from 9-10am in French Tiffany will schedule any future meetings we may need when she returns to the office.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, French 122, Kathy's Office