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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15 Work Group
Chair & Co-Chair Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Anderson, Danielle Hess, Kathy MacKay, Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Beth Hindman, Tiffany Demeerleer

Where do we start?

  • Review Policy
    • Where are the trouble points, how can we define it
    • Provide samples
    • Policy Statements - then refer to handbook
    • Separate policy out
      • Discrimination
      • Sexual Harassment
    • Sexual Misconduct
    • Freedom of Expression
    • Develop Training - can we combine Cultural Competency Training with EP 15 Training?
      • Leadership Training
      • Student Groups
      • Advisor Training
      • Orientation
      • On-line Training

Larger Group

  • Schedule regular meetings -1 hour weekly
  • Provide them with Work Group Objectives (see attached)
  • Designate sub-groups

Executive Policy 15

WSU Executive Policy 15 prohibits discrimination1   sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct.

Work Group Objectives

  • Review EP 15 for language and make recommendations for changes including clearly defined sections about sexual/ gender violence and speech
  • Clarify speech and protections through legal and community frameworks (e.g. inciting violence1  determination of threat, discrimination threshold) including specific examples in policy
  • Review WAC (including 26.2041)incorporate student conduct and community standards1  and align language in all policies relevant to EP 15
  • Develop BP 15-specific training for students1  faculty1   and staff
  • Implement a website which identifies specific reporting options for bias incidents and _outlines steps university took to address concerns1  as appropriate
  • Provide recommendations to Bias Assessment Response Team for improving campus culture including best practices from peer and aspiring institutions