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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15  Work Group

Chairs & Co-Chairs Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Anderson (phone), Kathy MacKay, Brandon Chapman, Candace Chappelle, Judith McDonald

Discussed revisions to EP 15:

  • Organization of information in policy to make it more clear/easier to read
  • Specific revisions recommended for consistency
  • Dept of Education Office of Civil Rights finalizing guidelines, then will go to comment period, then to final ruling
    • May impact WSU policy and/or reporting requirements
    • Certain parts of WSU policy may need to be altered based on OCR final ruling
  • Keep moving forward with policy, have it reviewed by EP Working Group
  • Feedback to Kim by November 9
    • Get draft ready to share with group
    • EP 15 Working Group, November 13, 10:00, Lighty 401
  • Discussed what timeline might be, formal approvals; Procedures, Records, and Forms, others

Discussed policy and free speech training:

  • Training for Employees; training for students and student employees (i.e. FERPA)
  • Goal – make strong recommendations for students, groups, leadership training
    • Leadership programs and/or retreats, IFC and Panhellenic, etc.
    • Student leadership in various groups, students who may be able to reach other students; Peer to Peer engagement
    • Discussed Student Recreation Center student employees’ training protocol – could have something similar for others, such as graders, mentors, positions that influence
    • Clery and Violence Again Women Act training requirements for students
  • Information/Video from Beth Hindman – Brandon will distribute
    • Feedback for videos would be appreciated
    • SharePoint – Working group has SharePoint, perhaps use this for feedback
    • Consider breaking video, etc. into smaller clips; Brainstorm more?
    • 60-90 main concept
    • Protected speech, Non-protected speech, WSU regulations

Re-engage main EP 15 Working Group – November 13

  • Brandon to create meeting agenda and continue work on information from Beth
  • Have Working Group review current policy and information, provide deadline for their feedback

Meetings and membership

  • Chairs and Co-Chairs to meet once a month, need to propose a couple of dates/times
  • Kathy to confirm with Karly regarding new members, if they have been finalized
  • Once a month will be easier
  • EP 15 Working Group to meet once a month
  • Meeting minutes will be sent to Sharae Randall
  • Heather Davison is new assistant in Dean of Students office
  • Kathy MacKay last day will be December 19
  • SharePoint – discussed access, Heather may need to connect to Jamie DeLong (?)