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Division of Student Affairs

Executive Policy 15  Work Group

Chairs & Co-Chairs Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kathy MacKay, Candace Chappelle, Brandon Chapman, Kim Anderson

Meeting minutes - Send to Candace and Brandon, cc: Kim and Kathy, after feedback and once finalized, the minutes will be sent to Sharae Randall, (manages the Workgroup 5 from EP15 meeting information).

Give Mary Jo general update for big picture, possible ideas i.e. invite student groups and reach out to them.  Jennifer Nolan (Jaime) will [be invited/come to] attend sub-groups meetings.

Draft and Policy - Freedom of speech, hate speech (big issues at the moment), speech on Terrill Mall.  Student may not feel comfortable with language [out there, i.e. the wall].  Important to have safe space, give capacity to marginalized/under represented student(s).  Kim recommended to make training available (content material to [teach] people how to talk).  Kim will move forward with restructuring EP15.  Brandon sent information to Policy group.

Committee Membership - Brandon to send email on behalf of committee to roster of people to confirm participation.  Another faculty member is needed.  Could Katie recommend someone?  Requests or recommendations for committee members to Mary Jo.  General request to Mary Jo for approval and formal invitations, maybe 3-6 students.  Meetings every two weeks is an option.  Goal is to have more students and faculty.

Roster - need one master list, with columns for work location, employee type.  Monica to create.

Student Groups - possibly reach out to groups that represent students, ASWSU for all campuses?  Send message to each campus.  Email Greeks, Panhellenic, (Kathy noted probably good to have on committee), CFSL, GPSA, BSE, MEChA.  Time commitment needs to be discussed/understood., 2-3 hours/month.  Keep formal invitation, open invite.  Candace [will check] with GPSA.  Others may be GIESORC, Women’s Center, CWS.  Brandon to follow up with student groups.

Employees - Need more faculty.  Sociology, Psychology, others??  Ask Judy McDonald? (no longer FAC SEN).  Candace to send recommendation nominating Judy to Mary Jo as faculty co-chair.

Next Meeting - August 28, 2018, Lighty 360D, Skype set up.  Loretta in Student Affairs/contact for room, AMS, etc.  Agenda to have group updates, Kim will give policy re-write update, finalize members, set formal dates for future meetings, task them with something specific, FAQ’s and case studies.