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Division of Student Affairs

Diverse Faculty and Staff Work Group

Thus far, our group met twice and establish the foundation for how we plan to collaborate within the group and across campuses.  We divided our larger charge into distinct manageable goals/missions. Listed below are our accomplishments this year:
  1. Assigned working group assignments
  2. Assigned individual charges
  3. Planned short and long assignments with deadlines
  4. Fully Constructed Committees:
  • Divided group into five subgroups with various tasks: update search process, re-envisioning the culture of WSU, data and benchmarks, best practices, communication, student engagement.
  1. Plan to consider the diversity and inclusion work of other campuses (Tri City and Vancouver), share resources and think about ways to collaborate on related goals, projects, and concerns.
Submitted May 3, 2018 by:
Dr. Aaron N. Oforlea, Associate Professor