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Division of Student Affairs

Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group

Meeting Minutes

Monday August 19 | 10:00am | Lighty 360D + ZOOM


Attendees: Lisa Gehring, Mollie Schotzko (for Phil Weiler), James Dalton, John Walter, Dan Records, Bryan Blaire, Jason Abrams, Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Phyllis Erdman, Dion Crommarty, Obie Ford, Kate McAteer, Catherine Cooper

New Items:

Welcome to new members

  • Melanie Neuilly (Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Development)
  • Bryan Blaire (Senior Associate Director of Athletics)
  • Jon Walter (Administrative Planning Specialist, Institutional Research)
  • Dion Crommarty (Assistant Director, Student Diversity, International Life)

Replacement co-chair for Recruitment/Retention initiative subgroup

Subgroup roster updates


Implicit Bias Awareness Training (Jaime, Phyllis, Obie, Renny)

  • Trainings ongoing, and now scheduling sessions across the System via ZOOM
  • 15 sessions scheduled through early September; ~176 attendees in total
  • Sept 4, Sept 13 open sessions for all deans/faculty/staff
  • Partnering with H.R.S. and tracking registration & attendance in Skillsoft
  • Working to ensure we're empowering all members of search committees (this is not a one and done)
  • Working to operationalize Equity Statements from incoming candidates
  • Obie and Renny leading "equity and inclusion in the search process" as a part of B.a.C.E. training taking place in Vancouver; need to partner with Jaime to look at co-facilitating how we train across the system via ZOOM

Resource Guide (Obie, Jason, Abby)

  • Qualtrics guide recirculated among the system in an effort to get greater participation from all campuses; +70 responses to date
  • Follow up conversations to drill deeper on content and campus specific resources with participants is currently in process
  • Format/Layout met with positive response
  • Report of findings to date saved in OneDrive folder
Reviewed timeline for completion
  • November 2019: draft + recommendations submitted to Jaime Nolan
  • Jan 2020: draft routed to HRS and AAGs office for review/approval
  • Feb/Mar 2020: possible go live?

Equity Advisors (Phyllis, Katie Cooper, Theresa, Sandra) See Discussion draft dated 8/19

  • Working through designation of Assoc/Full Professor level for faculty; Director level and above for Staff
  • Ongoing discussion around Incentivization (annual reviews; monetary stipend); 2-3 year appointment?
  • Need to identify funding source for these positions. Address with President/Provost?
  • Possible implementation in Spring 2020?

Retention Initiatives

  • Group in holding pattern until new co-chair installed
  • Audit of what our current retention initiatives are
  • What are the metrics we want to get out of this analysis (is it possible to gather from our current data system; current weakness system is that we have a low self-reporting turnout)
  • Modernization effort should help this; we should do a robust re-analysis at this time of demographic data.
  • Need to look at how folx are NOT being retained (is it at the 3-year review, tenure review, etc.; or is it as a result of culture and climate).
  • Analysis done several years ago on success rates of those applying for tenure (included campus breakdown, but did not include race); 50% of the people we hire at WSU never make it to the point of obtaining tenure; we tenure 90%+ of those who apply for tenure


Tuesday, Aug 20 will be an official Fall2019-20 kickoff meeting for Responsible Admins/Co-Chairs/Admin Support during which we will:

  • Review accomplishments for 2018-29 (1-2 pager)
  • Review objectives and timelines for initiatives for 2019-20
  • Review rosters for working group members
  • Confirm expectations for new responsible admins, co-chairs, and admin support

Recurring Bi-Weekly Diverse Faculty Staff Meetings are on the books for every other Thursday at 3pm starting 9/12 scheduled through 12/19

Thursday, Sept 5:  Next All Five Working Group Meeting from 9am-10:30am