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Division of Student Affairs

Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group

April 3, 2019 | 3:00pm | Lighty.360D + AMS – RECAP


Obie Ford, Renny Christopher, Sandra Haynes, Paul Strand, Fran Hermanson, Lisa Gehring, James Dalton, Jim Peterson (proxy for Mary Rezak), Phil Weiler, Dan Records, Theresa Elliott-Cheslek, Phyllis Erdman, Jason Abrams

Group check-in to discuss how we foster equity within the overall search process; the below is a start, but what else do we need?

Current Thoughts / 5 Initiatives

Implicit Bias Awareness Training

  • See memo and resources being distributed attached
  • Need to build on these interim measures with H.R.S.
    • Jaime Phyllis, Theresa to connect with Renny & Obie on what the Vancouver in person training workshops look like, and continue to build infrastructure (train the trainers to be effective facilitators)
    • As we transition to Zoom, it may be more technically feasible to participate in trainings remotely. Connect with Dion Crommarty to solicit his expertise in this area.
  • Contributions towards Equity statements from incoming candidates
    • Discuss how to operationalize this going forward

 System-Wide Equity 101 training (working name)

  • Includes equity training + implicit bias awareness training
  • Being developed out Student Affairs Equity Training Group (lead by Jaime) – in initial stages
    • Tier 1 toolkit being beta tested this summer w/ stakeholder partners for system-wide rollout Fall’19. Feedback thus far:  General appreciation and receptivity from attendees; attendees who are novices to the language (i.e. equality vs. equity) may need more careful definition.  As facilitators, it’s important to ensure clarity on core guidelines, and foster a space be setup in a way that feels open and inviting and acknowledge that mistakes will be made and allow for vulnerability.
    • Tier 2 toolkit to be developed

Resource Guide

  • Need to draft and publish a guide that captures info about life/culture/resources and provides connection to affinity groups (especially for under-represented populations) and is tailored specifically to each specific WSU Campus (Pullman, Spokane, Tri-cities, Vancouver, Everett)

Equity Advisors

  • Neutral 3rd party individual (not affiliated with a search committee) to meet with incoming faculty/staff to answer questions related to “life/culture at WSU – specific to respective campus”.
  • Work in progress; initial conversation stages; working to articulate the following:
    • What we’re looking for in relation to Equity Fellow (and equity advisors)
    • Representation across Colleges/Departments
      • Selection of Equity advisors to be made as a part of a thoughtful process with Dean/Assoc. Dean and ensure we are not overworking new/under-represented faculty who may be working towards tenure; tap in to senior faculty members.
      • Develop clear description on roles/responsibilities for this role
    • Training (attendance at conferences i.e. NCORE)
    • TBD Stipend?
    • Connection to Affinity groups:
      • Black Faculty/Staff Association
      • Asian Pacific Islander Faculty/Staff Association
      • Native Faculty/Staff Association
      • Chicanx/Latinx Faculty/Staff Association
      • Disabled Faculty/Staff and Allies
      • LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Association (coming soon)
      • Association of Faculty Women?
      • Any others?
    • Concurrent development of these resources across all campuses
    • Networking with Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Centers in respective towns/cities (Pullman/Moscow, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Everett)
    • How to facilitate active searches and take an active approach in ensuring diversity within applicant pools - reports of searches in process to the Dean

Retention Initiatives

Metric 11 data

  • 2018-2019 data has been aggregated and is being submitted to the President & Provost
  • In depth analysis reviewed with working group
  • Chancellors, Deans, VPs, gets quarterly report for closed recruitments showing reports (self-disclosing) by race/gender.
  • Dan Records to connect with Obie Ford to share this in-depth analysis
  • Current reporting for current employees is based on self-identification; what can we do to get participation rates higher and can we re-survey current employees as a part of the Modernization Effort? FYI - last re-survey effort was done in 2016 but reporting rates were quite low.
    • Need publicity campaign about how collecting this data ties in to our equity efforts before a re-survey effort is done.

For Follow up:

  • Appoint sub-committee leaders to lead up each of the above initiatives
  • Begin to meet every other week through end of semester; next meetings scheduled for 4/18 and 4/30
  • All 5 Working Groups meeting on 5/1/19