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Division of Student Affairs

Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group

March 5, 2019  |  10:00am  |  Lighty.360D + AMS


  • Theresa Elliot-Cheslek (responsible admin), Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Human Resource Services, Pullman
  • Phyllis Erdman (co-chair), Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education, Pullman
  • Jaime Nolan, AVP Student Affairs-CEIE
  • Courtney Benjamin, Research Assistant, Cultural Studies, Pullman
  • James Dalton, Office of Veterans Affairs, Pullman
  • Kate McAteer, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Tri-Cities
  • Dan Records, Coordinator, Office for Equal Opportunity, Pullman
  • Mary Rezac, Dean, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, Pullman
  • Catherine Cooper, Associate Professor, School of the Environment and Commission of the Status of Women, Pullman
  • Jason Abrams, Assistant to Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, Pullman


Confirm Committee Members, Roles/Responsibilities (see attached)

  • Current roster (which includes many very senior members) makes it challenging to schedule this group regularly. Request AVP’s, VP’s, Dean’s etc  select a proxy
  • Jason to email all current members to confirm intention to continue serving

Implicit bias training for search committees in development for recruitment of faculty & staff

System Wide Equity 101 training

  • Includes equity training + implicit bias training
  • Being developed out Student Affairs Equity Training Group (lead by Jaime) – in initial stages
  • Tier 1 toolkit
  • Tier 2 toolkit

Equity Advisors to meet with incoming faculty/staff to answer questions related to “life/culture in Pullman”

  • Work in progress; initial conversation stages; working to articulate this better
  • What we’re looking for in relation to Equity Fellow (and equity advisors)
  • Resource guide (especially for people from under-represented communities) – need to draft and publish this
  • Connection to affinity groups
  • Concurrent development of these resources across all campuses to mirror this model from Pullman campus
  • Look at Univ of Minnesota’s current model
  • Network with Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Centers (Pullman & Moscow)

Metric 11 data

  • 2018-2019 data has been aggregated and is being submitted to the President & Provost
  • In depth analysis reviewed
  • Dean or VP gets quarterly report for closed recruitments showing reports (self-disclosing) by race/gender.
  • Dan Records to connect with Obie Ford to share this in-depth analysis
  • Future State Modernization - Workday implementation should improve analytics capabilities

Retention Initiatives

  • Need to consider what retention initiatives to put in place
  • Look at current retention data
  • Discuss and leverage current activities currently in place across all campuses (Obie Ford /Renny Christopher to advise)?

Prep for 3/6 All 5 Working Groups Meeting

  • Jason Abrams to compile slide recapping today’s meeting and distro to Phyllis/Theresa for review
  • Dan Records to compile 1-page high level overview of metric 11 data and/or speak to the analytics that have been performed

Next meeting Tuesday 4/2 at 10am

  • Jason Abrams to re-look at meeting time once roster is confirmed