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Division of Student Affairs

Diverse Faculty & Staff Working Group

Thursday November 21| 3:00pm | Lighty 360D + ZOOM

Attendees:   Melanie Neuilly, Renny Christopher, Savanna Kresse, Paul Strand, Todd Butler, Phyllis Erdman, Bryan Blaire, Lisa Gehring, John Walter, Dan Records, Phil Weiler, Jason Abrams, Alex Spradlin, Abby Howard, Ray Acuna-Luna, Ashley Kuznia



Recruitment & Retention Initiatives: 

Todd Butler, Ray Acuna-Luna, Damianne Brand, Colette Casavant, Renny Christopher, Katie Cooper, Marta Coursey, Obie Ford III, Masha Gartstein, Lisa Gehring, Veneice Guillory-Lacy, Jennifer Hey, Ashley Kuznia, Kate McAteer, Melanie Neuilly, Cheryl Rajcich, Bertha Rangel, Dan Records, Mary Rezac, LeeAnne Riddle, Bernadita Veronica Sallato Camona, Susan Schroeder, Alex Spradlin, John Streamas, Jon Walter, Georgine Yorgey, Bonnie Dennler

  • Todd Butler to chair this initiative
  • Developing working groups for the following:
  • Communication w/Faculty and Staff of Color re: recruitment/retention initiatives
    • Working to move forward with this with intentionality
  • Communication w/Students of Color (undergrad/grad) re: recruitment/retention initiatives of faculty and staff of color
    • Provides an opportunity to hear from grad students (Who are invested in their programs to a larger degree, and potentially future candidates for faculty positions)
  • Demographic Data re: recruitment and retention of faculty and staff of color
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion process in developing faculty and staff positions
    • To what extent are those processes shaped/informed by the likelihood of attracting a candidate from an underrepresented population
  • Working with equity advisors subgroup to create proposal for systemwide adoption of Contributions to Equity Statement and Rubric for Equity Statements (TBA when rubric is finalized by equity advisors subgroup)


Equity Advisors:

Phyllis Erdman, Sandra Haynes, Katie Cooper, Courtney Benjamin, Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Bonnie Dennler, Bryan Blaire

  • How to Incorporate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in your search:
  • Guidelines to be added to HRS toolkit and Provost for search committees
  • Intent
  • For which positions do we request Equity Statements?
  • Provide guidance for Equity Statements
    • reference Vancouver document; update with final systemwide language
    • separate versions for faculty / staff searches
  • Include rubric (and preface) for search committees to evaluate equity statements
  • Provide sample questions to ask candidates to gauge equity-minded thinking in candidates
    • reference Robin DiAngelo article "We are all for diversity, but…"); see attached
  • Equity Advisors Purpose, Roles, Responsibilities, Compensation, who might serve
  • Jaime working on development of a proposal
  • Propose phased approach
  • Pilot during Spring 2020 on 4-6 searches
    • CHS Executive Director
    • Provost Search?
    • TBD Faculty searches (outreach to Deans; Math Department has expressed interest)?
  • Systemwide launch Fall 2020
  • Roles/Responsibilities to be refined and scaled to be sustainable
  • Look at compensation; look at cap on number of searches an equity advisor might be involved in (900+ searches in total conducted systemwide last year)
  • Plan for training, such as participation in:
    • Equity Series
    • Implicit Bias Awareness Training
    • Masterclass w/ Robin DiAngelo (and with Academic Deans)?
  • Articulate/quantify how this role could be defined as service
  • Follow up with Melanie, Obie, Renny, Sandra, and system partners to build out potential list of equity advisors for pilot and training.


Resource Guide:

Obie Ford, Abby Howard, Jason Abrams

  • Completing draft and compiling a list of short term and long-term recommendations/action items
  • Plan to circulate to participants for last round of feedback after Thanksgiving break
  • Submit draft with recommendations/action items to Obie and Jaime by winter break
  • Need to determine how to update this “living document” in a way that keeps it relevant and useful (can requests for updates be submitted through a ticketing system that’s reviewed/approved and the update is made)? This makes updates more timely as well as a community connected document.
  • Look at connecting resources within the annual Cleary Report (specific to each campus) to this resource guide as it relates to safety resources.
  • Link to gun safety and regulations (state laws)