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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural Competency Work Group



On May 2, 2018, the cultural competency and ally training group met where we discussed the important of diversity and inclusion programming throughout the year as a means to enhance cultural competency among faculty, staff, and students.  We also discussed the importance of providing resources for the campus community and empowering all with necessary information, research, and resources.  And finally, the committee discussed the importance of all trainings being vetted so that all trainings meet university standards, fulfill best practices, and otherwise empower participants to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus community.  Out of this meeting, the committee made the following recommendations:
  1. We recommend the creation, support, and coordination of programming, the arts, public conversations, workshops, and other activities that enrich the campus community as it relates to equity, diversity, and inclusion.  This is especially important in moments of challenge, difficulty, or increased campus debates around these important issues.  While it will be critical that WSU strengthen trainings as a means to creating a more empowering and equitable campus climate, it is also crucial that we utilize speakers, workshops, arts, films, and other programming to transform campus climate all while preparing students, faculty, and staff to create a society based in equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  2. We recommend the creation of webpage, and social media sites that will spotlight campus research on equity and inclusion.  We also recommend that these spaces be used to spotlight programming from student organizations, academic departments and units from the throughout the university concerned with equity, inclusion and diversity.
  3. The committee calls for the creation of a webpage that will curate useful information, resources, articles, videos, etc. as it relates to equity, diversity, and inclusion.  This can serve as a resource for faculty looking to integrate into their curriculum; it can serve as a resource for chairs looking to foster critical conversations with faculty and staff; it can serve as a source of knowledge for critical conversations, all while providing students useful information for course work.  This should also be an invaluable resource for the community and students in Pullman looking for key resources on equity; inclusive language; micro aggressions; racism; sexism; homophobia; xenophobia; transphobia; diversity; privilege; and so much more
  4. The committee recommends the formation of a process where all diversity trainings are submitted to the committee for review (similar to UCORE process).  If approved by the committee as fulfilling the committee learning goals for equity, diversity, and inclusion, the training will be adding a website that will listed available trainings.  All scheduled trainings MUST be approved by the committee.  The committee will also assess each training every TWO (??) years to maintain its status as a university sanctioned training.    
    - Submission trainings for review by committee
    - Committee provides feedback (for potential revisions)
    - Following approval, trainings will be added to list of available trainings on campus; key information on themes; audience; contact information will be provided
    - Committee works with HRS to make trainings available for faculty and staff; committee works with student’s organizations and units on campus to make them aware of available trainings
    - Committee with periodically assess and review trainings 
The committee will meet again at the end of the May to discuss existing trainings.  For questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Amir Gilmore ( and David J. Leonard (