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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural Competency Work Group

At our July 17, 2018 meeting, our Working Group discussed the evaluation of the various diversity and equity trainings, as well as explored how to make diversity and equity meaningful for everyone.

In regard to the review and the evaluation of the trainings, the group felt that it was best to invite the facilitators of the trainings to give a presentation of the trainings and then answer a few baseline questions from the group. The group felt that it was best to proceed that way because we felt that it was important to have the people that created and facilitated the trainings, explain the trainings to the working group. The group will create questions that will be asked at every training presentation in the next few meetings.

In the latter half of our meeting, the working group discussed how we (institutionally speaking) make diversity and equity meaningful for everyone (staff, students, and faculty). The main question that was asked was: “how do we add diversity and equity as a value added experience?” The working group believed that there needs to be more communication about how diversity and equity prepares students to enter labor force better equipped; offer different perspectives, and further understand systematic barriers that affect people.

Moreover, the working group explored class credit options such as the new minor that is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences called Workplace Diversity. The Minor in Workplace Diversity program is “designed specifically for students and/or professionals with the aim of preparing them for increasingly diverse and global workplaces. It increases their intercultural understanding and skills, as well as provides evidence of those skills (in the form of an academic minor) to prospective or current employers.” The working group will monitor the program to see what elements could be transferrable to a one-credit class for first year students.

In regard to faculty and staff, the working group once again discussed exploring Human Resources to engage professionals with cultural competency. Have the training tied to Skillsoft for accountability purposes. Moreover, we would want upper administration to push Deans and Department Chairs to have their faculty and staff attend a training. We also believe that the professional evaluation/feedback should have section that it dedicated to how that person invested in diversity and equity.

At our next meeting, we will be going over the responses from our campus-wide survey that was launched in the Spring 2018 semester.