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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural & Resource Centers Work Group
Meeting Minutes

8:30 am – 10:00 am | Spark 233


ATTENDEES: Maria, Donna, Edwin, Faith, Theresa, Mollie, Don, Olivia, Kim, Ana Maria, Carlos, Larry, Chris, Katie, Meredith, Dion (WSUS), Savanna (WSUTC), and Mark (WSUV).

Introduction of new Co-Chair: Savanna Kresse, Vice President for ASWSUTC

  • Savanna is in her second year with student government. She is majoring in History and Pre-law and is currently a

Clerical Updates: Directory, One Note, recent documents posted on One Note

  • Maria: The following documents were uploaded to the following sections:
  • Notes Section:
    • Working group timeline
    • Meeting notes from 3.28.2018
    • An Excel working Document. On this document, notice member updates, the MC Funding tab, the Objectives tab, and Campus tabs. The Pullman tab has about 30 centers Donna and I identified early
    • Savanna: TC is not HSI designated. 35% of students are Hispanic however, as a system TC does not qualify because they would have to separate from the system to receive HSI designation. Two other grant opportunities to serve students are currently being pursued by Kate McIntyre.
  • Reports Section:
    • Added the ESFCC fall 2017 usage
  • Items emailed to Sharae: The PDFs under the report tab and the two word documents under the notes tab
  • Follow-up: Donna will add the notes for each objective that she handed out at the March meeting onto the shared
  • Maria is preparing a memo to our colleagues on sister campuses to summarize the information the working group is looking to gather from each campus. Dion is on a 10- month contract and will return in

Program Updates:

  • Mary Jo Gonzales, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • MJG is on vacation until June. Karly informed us the larger working group met earlier this month. Karly also sent out calendar invites for the next 3 meetings for our working
  • Karly Gomez, Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs
    • Updates were given
  • Don Holbrook, Budget Director of Academic Affairs, Pullman
    • Mollie and Don split-up the 34 AFO’s across the system and messaging has been shared. Five reports have been submitted to Don. The due date is the end of the fiscal year. Lots of clarification questions from the groups have come up and Don has responded that if they are in doubt, include it and we can determine if it needs to be excluded later. $7.3m has been accumulated so far. Don will be utilizing FY17 as a baseline.
  • Mollie has heard back from Vancouver and Spokane so
  • The SharePoint document can be
  • AFO stands for Area Finance Officer, which are located in the colleges and they usually report to the Dean of their

Question on capital assets – do we want this information? It is important to look at all assets. It was decided to have assets added in. Also add in leased space such as the space being leased on the TC campus. Tri-cities has a student body government but no cultural center. They also have a tutoring center, Trio center, and writing center. Is the union utilized for possible office space for cultural and resource centers?

Q: Have you been in contact with Aaron Armstrong at Everett?

Mollie will get in touch with

Q: How would the diversity center in SAC be identified at WSUS?

Q: Utilize square footage since space is shared. Also include the advising centers in the colleges that help with

Don will request from the AFO’s percentage of space used in academic centers as

Q: What is the larger goal of the working group? Our task is to identify all cultural and resource centers system-wide and understand what is in place for

Q: Are identity politics being addressed? Look to inquiry of students how they would like to access resources?

Q: Is Global campus a part of this process? Don did reach out to their AFO. It was requested if Karly can reach out to them and ask for representation on the working group. We are not sure what we would be looking at but they do have a very strong support system, online ASWSU representatives that are extremely active, and they work closely with the CCE. They also have a strong advising component as

We will also be looking to have meetings with students and student groups.

Ensure that our colleagues at other campus are part of the subgroup conversations. Facilitators can take lead on this for each subgroup. Karly can ensure that the needed technology is

Inclusivity: living on campus, part-time or full-time, religion, athletes, LGBTQ, international, differently-able. Maria will add an Inclusive tab on the excel sheet and Chris along with Ana Maria will initially identify diverse populations being

Subgroup Discussions: Facilitators

  • Subgroup 1: Faith. Have not met yet but in the gathering stages of information

Kim shared that the heavy lifting is happening currently in the alumni center.

  • Subgroup 5: Theresa: Discussed how they will begin their
  • Subgroup 3: Ana Maria: Identified a working plan that will be tweaked; looking at demographics from each of the centers; figure out what services are being
  • Subgroup 2 – Savanna will be the group facilitator for this
  • Maria will send to all working group members the email forwarded to Sharae and the excel document. Reminder that members can look at the spending worksheets but cannot edit

Next Group Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 8:30 a.m., location TBA
  • Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 8:30 a.m., location TBA
  • Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 8:30 a.m., location TBA