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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural & Resource Centers Working Group

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

Meeting Recap

Subgroup Updates:

Subgroup 1 – Faith Price, Assistant Director, Native American Student Center; discuss progress & recommendations

Reviewed a large list of programs and budgets; still in progress, many are involved in modernization efforts. Targeting March for 100% completion. Reviewing the intent for what this information is being gathered for and how it can be disseminated in a way that’s meaningful. Very close on overall financial picture. Approach has been data & methodology gathering. Subgroup 5 will provide recommendations based in Subgroup 1’s findings. Need to ensure we distill down findings to be reader-friendly and digestible/actionable.

Subgroup 2 – Completed – looked at Student Affairs

Subgroup 3 – Ana Maria, Rodriguez Vivaldi, Faculty, School of Languages, Cultures and Race – looked at Academic Affairs

Subgroup 4 – Benchmarks Report (pending)

Subgroup 5 – Team; next steps and discussion on:

  • Review Benchmarks Report (Student Affairs site)
  • Review Multicultural Student Services Report (Student Affairs site)
  • WSU Tri-Cities Diversity Center Proposal (Student Affairs site)
  • Cultural and Heritage Houses Usage Report (Student Affairs site)
  • Pending reports from other groups
  • Identify Gaps
  • Recommendations (look at top 5 recommendations that can have impact in the next couple of years; Jaime to forward Josue examples as reference for format & content).
    • Overseer – Agency New Agency/New Model
    • Personnel/Staffing/Partners
    • Funding/Resources
    • Metrics – How do we gauge success?
    • Actions steps
  • Populations served / not served / underserved:
    • Refugees
    • Migrants
    • Formerly incarcerated
    • Veterans
    • 1st gen
    • Non-traditional
    • Foster Care / Homeless
    • Students in recovery / sober living

Subgroup 6 – Partners in this assessment

  • Alumni Relations
  • WSU Foundation
  • ASWSU (all campuses)
  • Office of Undergraduate Education
  • New Student Programs
  • Global Campus
  • Student Affairs Marketing
  • Campus Community
  • Pullman Community
  • Others

Additional Items:

  • TBD guest or ideas for topics to discuss at our next Cultural and Resource Centers meeting?
    • Invite James Bledsoe to meeting, or to partner in assessment?
    • Invite guests for roundtable discussion prior to final report?
  • 2/15 Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Summit – need to ensure that we channel findings and simplify/streamline/collaborate/partner on initiatives.
  • All 5 Working Groups Meeting - March 6, 2019; Location Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility 1002 (ADBF 1002) & AMS/Phone (9:00am-10:30am)
  • Next Group Meeting Wednesday, March 20, 3:00 – 4:00, Lighty 405