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Division of Student Affairs

Cultural and Resource Centers Work Group

Meeting Minutes


New Members

  • Jessi – group 5
  • Josue – group 5
  • Sylvia – group 4
  • Julie Mercado


  • Found on website
  • Each meeting have minutes updated and placedonwebsite asap
    • Carlos find out how
  • Recent by 15th of each month submit reports to Jaime Nolan
  • Always let us know about editing
  • Short stories (video) about is going on with groups – will goonwebsite
    • Insider as well
  • Data has been gathered and tasks completed
    • Think about future and next set of objectives (Nolan)
    • Topic of other groups
      • How do we gather or do we have information on diversity of staff and faculty members?
      • Metric 11 Drive to 25 – we had meeting (Nolan) – we have great data on faculty and staff (ethnic data)
      • Dan Ricard will present a meeting with all big 5 groups
        • Help with support and initiatives (report)
      • Request for hires will help us with former information
      • WSU is an advanced institution
  • Summit for all groups will be coming up – topic issues hit last year
  • Shared concerns
  • Summit will help us all out
  • Working on cultural competency training

Updates from Sub Groups

Subgroup 1- Budget and Resources
  • Financial report
  • Meeting on a weekly bases
  • Fiscal people and try to understand numbers and pieces that are cultural center
  • Almost done with meetings
  • Compare with subgroups 2 and 3
  • Narrow data down and [understandable]
Subgroup 2 – Review activities and services at WSU
  • How do we information out to students?
  • Application(s)
  • Giant spreadsheet provided
  • Still being held at this point before placing it on [share folder]
  • Questions asked
  • How is cultural center defined?
  • Look at populations
  • Group missing
  • Dreaming conversation
  • What services and activities provided/legally
  • For example, AAPI services AAPI, but can help out everybody, not just only AAPI populace
  • Figure out how to communicate to school that all the resources from MSS is for all students
  • Find the gaps/space and serve everyone
  • May be simpler for academic units than maybe centers to provide [space] for all students (Rodriguez-Vivaldi)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data together would be wonderful [to have] in working with students (Nolan) and Rodriguez - Vivaldi agrees
  • Undocumented and underserved populace (asylum or incarcerated) – how to support them better (prison to school), and veterans
  • Crimson Group – at Mestizo center/ Mariposa Creative Care – student-led pilot program
  • Legal clinics to be placed there
Subgroup 4- Meredith and Carlos
  • Benchmark report (James Bolden) – best practices and models to look at
Subgroup 5
  • Final Report
  • Polish
  • Report
  • Tri-Cities report (cultural center)
  • Identifying gaps
  • Recommendations
    • Agencies
    • Models
    • Personal staffing
    • Financial piece
    • How do we gauge success
    • Action steps
  • Ideas send things to us (donna)
Subgroup 6
  • Partners
    • WSU Foundation
    • ASWSU
    • Campus community
    • Off-campus as well


Next meeting February 13