Division of Student Affairs

Strategic Plan


The Division of Student Affairs

Strategic Plan 2015-2020



The Washington State University Division of Student Affairs engages all students in a transformative university experience which prepares them for success at WSU and after graduation.


The Division of Student Affairs supports students’ development and success through programs, experiences, facilities, and opportunities which foster self-determination and transformative engagement.


Quality and Excellence
Integrity, Trust, and Respect
Research, Innovation, and Creativity
Land-Grant Ideals
Diversity and Global Citizenship
Freedom of Expression
Stewardship and Accountability

Strategic goals

To welcome and engage students as members of a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus community.

  1. Support students’ transition to campus life with programs and environments that emphasize safety, inclusion, and healthy decision-making.

  2. Maintain a culture where students engage with a rich variety of people, ideas, and perspectives, and express themselves freely, creatively, and responsibly.

  3. Create a vibrant community in which all students may create and participate in co-curricular activities that support their academic and personal goals.

  4. Build students’ capacity to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

  5. Provide timely, responsive, appropriate support for students in crisis or experiencing distress.

  6. Ensure equitable, fair, and educational systems of accountability for students.

To provide experiences which cultivate personal, academic, and professional skills for success in higher education, the workforce, and society.

  1. Engage students in co-curricular activities that promote self-determination, ethical development, and responsible citizenship.

  2. Nurture student learning through experiences that develop critical thinking skills.

  3. Provide experiences and education that prepare students to contribute to and lead diverse workplaces, organizations, and communities.

  4. Engage students wherever possible in the development and implementation of initiatives and programs impacting them.

  5. Facilitate students’ integration of co-curricular and curricular learning, and the development of a lifelong-learning orientation.

  6. Collaborate with stakeholders on- and off-campus to ensure that students are receiving the opportunities that best prepare them for future success.

To develop informed and engaged leaders with a lifelong connection to WSU.

  1. Provide educationally and developmentally meaningful opportunities for engaged citizenship within Student Affairs, on campus, in local and home communities, and in state, national, and international contexts.

  2. Promote student leadership development which recognizes and supports a broad variety of cultural and personal styles and contexts for leadership.

  3. Encourage the integration of academic and co-curricular learning in leadership by designing programs around the Seven Learning Goals.

  4. Strengthen a lifetime affiliation with WSU.

To promote the successful graduation of all students.

  1. Collaborate in university-wide retention strategy efforts

  2. Partner across offices, areas, and divisions to support student success

  3. Facilitate engagement of students in high-impact campus learning experiences

  4. Provide informed, accurate, intentional support of students’ academic endeavors

  5. Provide educational and developmental support as students engage with university regulations, requirements, and expectations

To demonstrate excellence in professional practice through effective leadership and responsible stewardship of resources

  1. Implement the CAS self-assessment in all the Division’s units to promote constant improvement in the quality of programs and services

  2. Enhance data-driven and evidence-based decision making in every office

  3. Provide a division-wide framework for professional development

  4. Support a culture of research among staff