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Division of Student Affairs

Washington State University

Access Center Benchmark Report

A complete PDF version of this report can be requested by contacting the Division of Student Affairs via email or call (509) 335-4531. 

Executive Summary

The Division of Student Affairs at Washington State University has a goal of conducting an external review on each of its units in order to identify areas of strength and areas of improvement. This supports the goal of becoming a top 25 Division of Student Affairs and for its support of the University’s Drive to 25 initiative.

One option for the external review is to benchmark WSU against its peers. The Pac12 schools and WSU’s identified IEC peer institutions are used for this report.

In the summer of 2018 the following steps were taken to complete the report:

  • Partnered with the Access Center Director to develop the survey tool
  • Developed the survey tool using Qualtrics; remained open for approximately three-weeks
  • Communication included an initial email, and subsequent emails and phone calls as needed

The following benchmark report is the result of 11 of the 23 institutions completing the survey. The 48% completion rate provides a baseline comparison for WSU to evaluate its programs and services, staffing and fiscal status. A web review was conducted and information was inserted in a few noted sections.

Overall, it is apparent the staffing structure and budget allocation are at a level that limits the work of the Access Center. Despite having the lowest number of staff and lowest budget, WSU is maintaining its responsibilities in providing services to students with disabilities. It is unknown what is not being met by students; from a staff standpoint there is limited to no travel to conferences and professional development. Findings are highlighted below with full descriptions and peer comparisons in the full report.


  • WSU is aligned with its peers regarding the types of services provided
  • WSU participates in state-level professional development

Areas of improvement

  • WSU has a staff size of 6 compared to the average of 13 (Pac12) and 15 (IEC)
  • The Director carries a caseload whereas a majority of peers do not
  • Over half of the institutions have an Associate or Assistant Director whereas WSU does not
  • WSU has little to no participation in regional or national professional development opportunities, within the disability associations (WAPED, AHEAD) and beyond (NASPA, NCORE)


Some sections were inconclusive due to the limited number of respondents to a posed question. These areas include:

  • Caseload information was submitted by only 3 institutions 
  • A limited number of schools provided budget information; of those that did, WSU is tied for the lowest allocated budget 
  • Training and onboarding information was not provided