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Great images are an important component of your marketing strategy because of their ability to tell a story and communicate information to your audience that words alone might not be able to do. Photos can be an important tool as you build engaging print materials, web pages, and social media campaigns.  

It's important to determine what level of photography support you may need in advance of your event. This provides you with adequate time to schedule a photographer and determine equipment needs. If resources are limited, keep in mind that smartphones with high-quality cameras can produce just as good of photos, if not better than a regular camera. This is especially true if the photographer is not well experienced with using a DSLR or other professional-grade camera.

Here are a few additional tips for creating good-quality images:

  • Make sure the lens is clean. Fingerprints and smudges can cause light flares in the photos.
  • Avoid using a flash- instead, opt for natural light. If you’re outside, look for shade and avoid harsh light. When inside, avoid fluorescent light when possible.
  • Choose a larger file size in the settings if taking a photo with your phone.
  • When taking portraits, it’s more flattering for the camera to be at or slightly above the subject’s eye level. Make sure to focus on your subject’s eyes.
  • When in doubt for which way to hold the camera for event, activity, candid, etc. photos, opt for landscape.

Photo Releases 

Due to state and federal regulations, photographers must receive written consent from subjects photographed in private spaces via an image release. At WSU, this includes restricted access areas such as the Student Recreation Center, The Chinook Student Center and the residence halls. A signed release should also be obtained if the photographer asks the subject to pose or manipulate a scene or circumstance in a particular way. Subjects have the right to later request their image may not be used, even if they have signed a release.  

Photographers in public spaces, such as the Mall or the Compton Union Building, do not need to obtain an image release from their subjects but should make sure they are clearly visible and using an audible shutter. Any person can request that that photographer not take or use their image. 

To receive a copy of a standard image release for your photographer's use, email Sarah Page, Digital Media Manager. 

University Photo Guidelines 

WSU University Communications provides guidelines, photo support and access to a large collection of existing photos. Visit to learn more about how to represent WSU's visual brand identity through photography or to request photo services.