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Division of Student Affairs

Terry Boston


Terry Boston

Associate Vice President for Finance & Operations

Terry Boston
Associate Vice President, Finance & Operations

Loretta Dragoo
Principal Assistant

Terry Boston, associate vice president for finance and operations for Student Affairs at WSU believes that creating spaces for students to succeed is at the core of good resource stewardship.

In his current role, Boston oversees the many auxiliary units within Student Affairs. These units provide services to students, faculty, and staff and include Finance and Operations, Dining, Housing and Dining Custodial and Maintenance, Compton Union Building (CUB), University Recreation, the Chinook Student Center and the Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center. 

“Leveraging the finance dollars that we receive either from the state or student fees and allocating them to meet both student and university needs is crucial,” he says. “It’s a combination of goals from a university perspective, and we then mold that to meet student expectations.”

Boston began his career at WSU as an accountant principal in 1995 and subsequently served as the assistant director of Housing and Dining, the director of Administrative Services (Auxiliaries), and as the executive director for Administrative Services (Auxiliaries).

During his tenure, he has been instrumental in the refurbishment of 12 residence halls and apartments and the construction of three new residence halls, Olympia, Northside and Global Scholars Hall. Additionally, Boston supervised the renovation of the Bookie Building into the Chinook Student Center which reopened in 2017.

Many of these improvements are part of a long-range housing plan Boston has developed which takes into account the long-term university trajectory. This plan also includes ongoing maintenance of all of the facilities that Student Affairs manages. Boston believes that taking pride in these facilities and maintaining them is essential.

“Students are paying for them, and we should be maintaining these building to the best of our ability and to the level that they are expecting,” he says.

Additionally, Boston has been involved with the upgrading of the many vital aspects of campus life such as the universal CougarCard system. Boston sees these components as creating a better level of customer service for students as well as creating a safer and more efficient campus.

“We try to keep pace with technology and leverage it,” says Boston, “It all contributes to a great out-of-classroom experience.”

A long-time Coug and resident of the Palouse, Boston received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in business administration from WSU and has been serving the institution for over 20 years. Boston is also involved on a number of campus, local and regional committees. He currently serves as the administrative director of the Student Book Corporation (Bookie) Board and is a member the President’s Town Gown initiative, a formalized effort to increase the relationship between WSU and the city of Pullman. In his spare time, Boston enjoys spending time on his ranch, located in southeastern Washington.