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Market at Global Scholars Hall: Inspiring healthy eating


Washington State University continually raises the bar, and although students are usually the ones providing fresh, new and innovative perspectives, this time, the Market at Global Scholars Hall is taking the lead. Incorporating locally grown products alongside numerous organic and natural food choices, the Market is elevating the standard for college cuisine.

Dining Services wanted the Market to inspire healthy eating while providing specialty food items not found anywhere else on campus. With diverse, ethnic food options from across the globe, the Market is bringing together unique perspectives through culinary convenience.

“Global Scholars Hall reaches a broad spectrum of students here on campus,” Gary Coyle, Director of Dining Services said. “It is important to bring ethnic foods to the Market to have a better reach to campus as a whole; to go beyond what you would find at a grocery store.”

The Market is elevating college dining, all the while catering to numerous dietary needs. Even the peanut butter and jelly section, a much needed staple for the average college student, is layered with many different organic, substitute items. Eating healthy has never looked so good.

For those with special dietary restrictions, the Market is committed to providing items that fit the needs of all students. There are gluten free and vegan options, as well as supplemental ingredients for those with allergens to specific foods.

“Students are different today than they were 10, 20 or even 30 years ago,” Don Brabb, General Manager of Dining Services said. “There is a lot more knowledge out there about what should and should not be eaten, and students have grown up knowing what items are good for them and nutritious for them.”

The Market is committed to providing items that contribute to both a healthy lifestyle and to sustainability. Many of the produce items found on the shelves are locally sourced and some products even come from WSU alumni. When purchasing from the Market, shoppers are investing in the Pacific Northwest, and in some cases even the Cougar spirit.

“The Market provides local and organic options that fulfill our sustainability commitment,” Coyle said. “We share in the responsibility and work with local farmers and local businesses to help source our platforms.”

With a salad bar, self-serve frozen yogurt and an Einstein Bros. Bagels shop in the same retail space, there are countless reasons to incorporate the Market in your eating routine. Whether shoppers are walking through the aisles of the Market, or taking a break in the lounge, they are surrounded with scenes from Pike Place Market and of historical downtown Paris on market day. There’s a sense the walls are talking, inspiring students to create decadent meals, experience new tastes and to branch out from their daily eating routine.

The Division of Student Affairs as well as Dining Services, welcomes the Cougar family to come visit and experience all that The Market at Global Scholars Hall has to offer. The Market is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Saturday through Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.



Matthew Tradewell, Strategic Communications Specialist

Division of Student Affairs & Administrative Services